Thursday, June 5, 2014

Impressionistic Peonies

Peonies VanGogh Style 

Like everything that I paint, there was a time that I was really sort of hung up on VanGogh.  I just loved EVERYTHING that this brilliant man painted.  This was around 2006.  I painted flowers and landscapes and seascapes all with that impressionistic influence.  

Peonies with soft yellow background 
This particular painting was executed in 2006.  I found this along with MANY paintings in a crate in our warehouse in Carlisle.  We have forklifts and this crate was UP high on one of our many shelves at Spicher and Co.  How did it get there?  As I said in an earlier post, I was sick (all fine now), and unable to paint.  The 'shows' were all put on hold and the paintings protected in a crate.  I am going to sell these flower paintings on ETSY.  I have about 10 of them-all different.  Today we are going to talk about this Peonie painting.  
Peony IV was it's name! 

The medium was acrylic and the frames were gorgeous and very expensive.  They were at least $250 a piece retail back in 2006.  They measured in at 2 5/8" wide and had a mottled look to them in shades of Red that really worked with these flower pieces.  Outside dimension 16 1/4 X 20 3/4"  

The background and foreground have all the movement that you would expect with the  VanGogh (VanKO) look that I was striving for. 

I love the soft yellow background coupled with the blue base and red blues that were all blended together.  When I paint in this style I have a myriad of colors on my brush and all at the same time.  

Here it is in all it's glory.  This one was one of my favorites.  I love peonies and I adore how they smell.  I love them so much, despite the ants, that I am willing to bring them into my house.  This is the only flower that I will allow with an ant on it.  I don't like ants.   

Tomorrow I am going to talk about another flower painting.  Be sure and check back! 

Here's a sample! 

Thanks for looking Today!  

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