Friday, April 25, 2014

Wedding Guest Book Painting - Part 3 - Painting an Addendum

GUEST BOOK PAINTING ~ Well, guess what?  I didn't have enough lines on the previous painting!
This meant that I had to stay up very late LAST night to paint another picture, an addition.  Because I hate to put so much time into something only to have to file it in that special place that we call the trash-can, I needed to come up with an idea and fast.  I didn't have the time allocated in my schedule to paint another day away, so I felt I should push through and 'Getter done!' 

Yes, It was easy enough to turn it into something different, but I was not ready to give up on it.  In my mind, I thought 75 lines, 75 families.  However, the bride felt each person should have their own line.  As we talked a little, bouncing ideas off each other, another idea began to form, I would paint an addendum. 

This was what I came up with.  She wanted the birds white instead of black.  I felt the area painted needed to reflect in size the other companion piece, so that meant I would have to add something to tie the birds together and to the other piece. 

Here is what the top looks like! This clearly connects painting two to painting ONE!

I really like the top.  haha. That was the easy part!  Thanks for looking!  



Anonymous said...

Lovely! I always enjoy hearing about your process! Thanks for sharing!

Kolenespicher said...

You're welcome! I am glad that you have taken the time to read my blog :)