Friday, February 14, 2014

On the Way to Westminster

Welcome to my version of the  138th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 

This post is really written 'tongue and cheek' style because I have never had the privilege or luxury of attending this fancy event.  I have these preconceived ideas, however, about what this show is all about.   These paintings were birthed out of such silly ideas !

This is how my artwork is developed.  Sometimes I see something and it just gives me an idea.  All of the dogs were created after seeing a small painting from the late 1800s.  I just 'ran with it,' so to speak.  They hang in my powder room at home and were painted using acrylic paints but in watercolor style. They are each framed in an Antique with old wavy glass.   Now back to the subject at hand. 

 The very first Westminster Show took place in 1877.  It is one of the longest consecutive animal sports event to continue to happen year after year.  

What was the first event like?  I imagine ladies dressed in long ball gowns with leash in hand.  Don't laugh or be offended, but I can just see them prancing along so serious and purposeful, the dogs totally oblivious to why they are there for or what is happening.  I guess I should never underestimate a dog, they KNOW why they are there!!  How silly.  

This year's event took place at the Madison Square Garden in New York City.  Over 2,800 dogs were registered.  That's a lot of fire hydrants that are needed.  There I go again, that imagination.  

Now, imagine if the owner was also judged on their attire?  When you do this, now you can understand how I came up with this idea of painting the bottoms of ladies' dresses.  Take a look at these characters! 


I really love the umbrella.  I have a feeling that this dog does, too!  My dog hates to get wet.  When it rains, I have a real challenge getting her to even want to go outside.  I have tried the umbrella trick.  It seems to help a bit.  

How about this beagle!!  She's so graceful and proud.  Or maybe it's a he.  IDK.

Yorkshire Terrier
Ok, now here's a dog to be proud of.  She's just as cute as can be and I would give the dress a thumbs up, too.  The one on the bottom left is my PERSONAL favorite!

I just thought you would enjoy seeing what the "antique version" looks like that was taken from my powder room! 



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