Friday, October 25, 2013

Ice Skating in the Country

Retreived wallpaper ARTWORK  in Primitive 1830's Style 

This is a new (semi-new) style for me.  In this piece, if you look closely, you can see the tiny cracks and torn edges that one would expect from something from an earlier time that has a 'retrieved' feel to it.  I am  having so much fun painting in this style.  In many ways, I have come full circle, as this was the style that I painted in when I started back in 1992.  Enjoy!  This piece will be on show in November at the Hershey Medical Center waiting room.  It is a fundraiser of sorts for the medical center and is happening to promote a little happiness to patients in their cancer ward!  Let me know if you are interested.  There will be five primitive pieces on display.


Janna said...

These kinds of scenes have always been my favorite, especially ones that involve those signature high kicks. :) I love the jewel tones in the ladies' dresses. They look lovely next to the camel colors of the men pants. And that crackled effect is fantastic. It suits your work so well!

Kolenespicher said...

Hi Janna! I remember you. I was just on your blog. I am very new at this. How do I follow you (and get emails?) your food looks amazing.

Kolenespicher said...

Thanks for your nice comments, too :)