Friday, October 25, 2013

Federal Style Primitives - Retrieved Wallpaper

Federal Style Primitives

These pictures are some examples of a style of painting that I call 'Retreived Wallpaper'. It was designed to look as if it were pulled from an old plaster wall.  These paintings are originals and are available for purchase.  They are framed in a simple black frame with the image floating, we call it museum mounted.  

This lower image comes complete with a tiny distress hole in the center that was deliberately made and intended to look like it was damaged as it was pulled from a wall.  I know that some of you won't get this, but if you love history and antiques, you will understand the logic behind this. It's sort of like today's hole-y jeans!  The reason I frame it in a newly constructed frame and not an antique frame is because I want it to blend with today's modern furnishings.  Have you ever seen an antique piece framed this way and hanging in a modern contemporary home complete with concrete floors and big windows?  Well, I have and it looks amazing! 

This is a simple tree study landscape.  I love the colors.  The ship is so sweet, too.  

The colors were deliberate and selected to have that very primitive 18th Century look.  I hope you enjoy! 

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