Thursday, September 26, 2013

Anchor Painting



I like anything that makes me feel encouraged.  I try to work hope into every painting that I execute.  If it looks nice and makes you feel good, well...that's more than half the battle.  I found this neat old frame that reminded me of an old sailor's art and thought it might be neat to illustrate an anchor.  I really am loving anchors at the moment.  

Like the last post mentioned, I am showing what is available for purchase.  This photo could be better but I don't have access to the piece at the moment.  I will need to rely on what I have on my IPhone, and this is it!!  The fancy scroll frame has a ship painted in it (also available for purchase.)  

The tramp art piece in the front, I sold.  

Now everyone will want that one and(that's how it works) it has gone to a man in California.  You can leave a message on this blog.   If you are interested in other examples of my artwork go to  ENJOY!! There's a lot there, I have been painting for 22 years!


Anonymous said...

I love your work!! :)
If Don't Give Up the Ship is still available, please email me at

Kolenespicher said...

This is one of my paintings that hang in my entry way. I would be willing to "give it up." I will contact you :)