Friday, February 10, 2017

Dog Portraits, Post 3

More Dog Portraits That Melt my Heart 

Don't you just love your dog.  This little white dog is just as sweet looking 
as his photograph.  I love his eyes.  My favorite thing about my dog portrait 
is there innocent little eyes.  

This dog has warm undertones. I happen to know that it is a very nice companion and very loved.   I can't remember what her owner said her breed was, but I know the dog's name is Jenny!  

The Yellow Lab was painted a few days ago.  Loving the XO scarf around it's neck.  Again, a very loved puppy.  Labs are such gentle dogs.  And LOVING. 
I have plans to do some more greyhounds.  I really love the gracefulness of their stride.  (See greyhound top left). 

More Jenny! 

So far I think I have nine dogs finished.  I plan to do as many as I can before starting the next project. If you have a dog that you would like me to paint, message me! I am painting these handsome portraits for Spicher and Co! 

Today I finished the painting that goes with this dog.  

Again, I just love the eyes.  

Thanks for looking.  


PS...My next dog will be this one!  Loving the sweater! 


Jan and Doug said...

You are amazing. What cant you do?

Kolene Spicher said...

Thanks, Doug! I can't fix a washing machine :)