Friday, February 3, 2017

More Dog Portraits

Hello Shorkie, Bernise Mountain Dog, and Whippet

A little Shorkie named Oscar! 
Well, it's official.  I am doing more dog portraits.  They keep pouring in and I don't even have to decide which dogs to do.  I am just painting them all!  

Yesterday, I finished up this little guy above.  

I also finished this one up yesterday and sort of tweaked it today.  I wanted the coloring to be perfect on this Whippet!  

Meet Gipper!  
This is my friend's dog from Lancaster.  I just had to do him.  If you have never met a Bernise Mountain Dog, well they are huge with a big heart to match.  This is one nice puppy! 

I combed his hair for this picture.  Just kidding.  

Here's the clan!  If you have a dog that you would like me to paint for Spicher and Co's print line, let me know.  These prints will be ready for High Point in April, 2017  

I am going to be doing the following dogs next whenever I get the chance.  I have some appointments coming up next week and a busy schedule, but I shall do my best! 


A pair of dachshunds 
This dog belongs to my friend Rhonda.  I cannot think of her name or breed.  UPDATE next week.  

Can't remember the breed, sorry.  English Bull dog? Jen's dog! 
Well, that is my list for next week.  I will be fortunate if I get to them all.  I have a busy week.  Thanks for looking! 


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