Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Giant Squid!

Seafood Artwork! 

I love to see room settings with my artwork!  It's just plain fun to play around with the pictures that people send in and come up with a blog entry about the room settings.  Today, I noticed that Spicher and Co. had posted a few pictures of some cool seafood type prints that are for sale and can be seen in room settings.  Before I show you the nice and neat pictures, I thought it would be funny to show you one that is not so…um, neat.  It's a shot of my studio.  I have the print of the 'giant' squid hanging in the background! 

I always like to mention when the color is a bit off.  The background (due to lighting) photographed
very 'pink'.  I will include the actual print from S & Co, though, so that you can see the true
color that would be on the print that is for sale. 

You may wonder what was my inspiration for this, well it wasn't this photo! 

This was a hoax and went viral back in January of 2014.  It reminded me of my exaggerated white squid below!
(a little humor) 

My fav one is the black one! 
Spicher and Co. has posted on their FACEBOOK page the following room settings that were taken from the new Ballard Designs Catalog!

I love the colors of these and the simple white frames
Here is another very cool option for an ocean themed room!

This too with the worn red letters just look fantastic in a nautical room.  


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