Thursday, September 11, 2014

Landscape for Doylestown Artshow September 20-21, 2014 for the Bedminster Conservatory

Simple Landscape

By the Moonlight  

Closeup of Gate; the color photographed more grey than it actually is in real time. 
As I get older, my tastes change.  I find myself wanting a more simple look.  Next week~Ha! I will probably be right back to my old busy look, but for right now, today, I am liking this simple scene.

This is the first of many paintings that I will be posting for my BEDMINSTER Show next weekend in Doylestown, PA.  As I have prepared for this show, I have taken special attention to the framing.  Not only have I taken my time selecting each frame (and making certain they were simple and beautiful), but I have also taken my time with the paintings.  It's been a whole year since I have exhibited at any retail show.  Many of you know why, let's just say that I don't want to push myself too hard.  And it's working, I feel great. 

I am into moons right now, I don't know why.  I just like them.  
This frame is beautiful and comes with amazing antique glass.  The condition is really very good.   

Many of you have seen this pig, but have not maybe seen it framed.  I can't remember exactly what I posted.  The little corner pieces on this frame are amazing and the frame is very old and wonderful looking.  I love the little man in the right corner. 


This is a familiar piece if you read my blog.  I have been saving this painting for my show.  Please look at the closeup below because this picture really doesn't do this painting much justice.  I love the warm undertones of this piece which are lost in the photo.

Love the polka dots! 

I also love this pig.  It is one of my favorite paintings! 

Retrieved Wall Paper Paintings

A while back I blogged about a look that I like to call my retrieved wall paper style. This simply  means that it looks like it was pulled from an old wall when you look closely at the finish.   It's a fun thing to do and requires a lot of patience as I work at creating all the wonderful little crackles on the paper.  Takes time, that's for sure! Again, this is lost in the photo… But this also will be at my show.

I really like this one (above) because I love the little ship in the painting.  I am infatuated with nautical~always have been…always will be! 

Try as I might, I can't catch the crackles~trust me, they are there!

Primitive Style Landscape 

This also is one that I had blogged about earlier in the year.  I decided to tear it apart and reframe it with a more current look.  I really like this simple frame on this piece.

There goes that moon again
I don't know why, but I decided to call this painting the WINTER SOLSTICE.  In case you are not certain, the solstice marks the onset of Winter and is the shortest day.  December 22 is that day!!

Love the red sled. 

These paintings represent the landscapes that will be presented next weekend at the Doylestown, PA artshow.  We call it the Bedminster show because that was where it started, Bedminster, PA.

If you want tickets, drop me a note.  
I still have some free tickets that I can mail out to anyone that is interested.  Please watch for additional posts.  I have nautical pieces that I have painted, as well as others.  I will be posting them for your info.


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