Thursday, September 11, 2014

Nautical Artwork for Doylestown, PA showing September 20 and 21, 2014

Sea Captains, Whales, and Ships 

Closeup of one of my FAVORITE pieces

I have a friend that had visited Williamsburg recently.  I was inspired by one of her pictures to do this painting.  At first it was all about Williamsburg, but then it sort of morphed into something different~ship Captains!  Can't help it, I just end up on the water every time! 

I had to add the ships and the little telescopes that a typical Sea Captain might carry.  This painting is very much like my earlier work.  When I first got started,  It was all about EARLY and less about whimsy.  I started out doing Frakur, pen and Ink-type drawings, and that was 22 years ago, plus.  I still love this style even after all of these years.  

The frame is veneer and wonderfully simple and in VG condition! 


I am in love with drapes.  I paint them INTO  many of my pictures.  You all know this if you follow my work even a little bit.  

Here is a rework of a painting that I did last year and kept.  I was staring at it one day and decided that it must be reframed and a drape added.  Really, I changed it so much, that the feel of it is totally different than its original state.  HAHA.  I am allowed to do that! (as much as I want). 

Hope really does anchor us.  It gives us a reason to push forward! 
Again, you cannot see this, but the whole bottom section has all these tiny little cracks.  You can see it a little above the cursive words as on.  I ALSO LOVE THE WATER AND THE COLOR OF THE WATER. 

More Drapes

I loved this frame with the stripes going all along the outer edges.  It reminds me of an old sailor.  It looks like something that he would have done on his ship while waiting for the whales to swim past.  That's what they did…wait.  Think about how often you see and whale.  Even when you go on a whale watch, you are fortunate if you see them.

I love whales.  Maybe it's because I fell in love with Nantucket. 

Check out the floating anchor.  
I have a whole section of this show that is devoted to ANCHORS!  I LOVE THEM, like I love sailors and mermaids.  You cannot see the title of this painting, but it is called  ANCHOR AWAY!  It's a play on words indicating that this whale is not happy where he is anchored.  "Anchor, AWAY!" As if it would go somewhere...

Lastly, here is a shot of the three above all stacked one on top of the other! 

See how wonderfully simple the frames are!?? 
THE FRAMES ALL work so well together.  It took some time to pull this off but now that I have done it this once, I am going to continue to try to frame them all similarly.  My anchors are next to blog about.  They are not simple frames but they look so unique.   I can't wait to blog about them.  

Enjoy, and I hope to see you at my show! Introduce yourself, if you make it! 


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