Thursday, May 29, 2014

More Pottery

Yesterday was Pottery Class 

Well, here's my finished Tin Can flower vase.  I really like it, but there's some issues with it as there have been with many of my pieces.  I am new at this, so please be kind.  HA 

At one time, there was a lid for this.  I filed that in Bin 13.  It makes a great vase for flowers, however, because it's heavy and I can cram a lot of flowers into it without fear of it falling over.  

This lid turned out perfect.  I even like the painting and firing of it.  Even though I am a painter by trade, painting pottery is not so easy for me.  I find fault with everything that I produce.  I need to keep a tablet, I am certain, that says DO and DON'T do this…  The bowl that goes with this... eh.  I don't like it.  Next week I am going to make another.  

See, how the lid doesn't come down on the bowl correctly?  Well, I am going to use it for now but I am intending do replace this .  The lid is flat.  The bowl is not even and that is why we see the crack on the right side.  Be kind. 

I love garlic.  

Another shot of my garlic bowl.  Yes, I have it right next to my stove.  I am not even a little bit worried about breaking it either~LOL 

Don't look at the permanent stains on my griddle.  As a matter of fact, this week I made a cover for my griddle.  I CAN'T wait to see how this turns out.  I think I may have found something that I can sell!  It looked very cool in the wet form but we will see if it fires flat! 

Thanks so much for looking at my humble pottery.  

Kind Regards! 

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