Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Holiday Snow Scene

Home for the Holidays 

I love this frame.  In a way, I am sad to part with it because it had been some of the frames that my mom and dad had given to me (but realize this, it was to paint art that they were given).  In 
loving memory of my mom, I am going to part with it.  Everyone should have a piece 
of her.  SHE WAS THAT AMAZING.  I love that word...amazing. 

This is no where near completed but I wanted to post the
progress because I have been amiss doing this.  

I love the frame. 

The barn really is so cute with its little side window.  I resisted the urge
to put dividers in the windows...sigh.  All my houses have them. 

I will post more as it's finished! 


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