Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Whale Scene on Nantucket by Pennsylvania Artist Kolene Spicher

Painting A Custom Whaling Scene for 

Nantucket Country

Nantucket Country Store 

All paintings except what is in the center (unfinished) are either sold or not available.  
I included a few unavailable pieces just so that you can have the correct feel for the coloration.  As I put washes on the water, it will pull more blue (like the mermaid next to it).

Similarities (see below) without completely copying.  Note the color of the water is more blue than reference. 
Yes, this is the middle painting reflecting additional work time throughout the week.  I love the action and light in the water.  I think the playful polka dots add interest to the folky whaling boats. 

Nantucket Whalers 

This painting is the Reference Material for the above Nantucket Country painting
This painting is available as a print ONLY.

I actually have a few paintings to blog about but am behind.  The above painting captures some action that Cam Dutton of Nantucket Country would like to see in her piece.

She wants her painting  to have less green in the water with more blue in the sky,
 whaling boats more prominent, and whales unobstructed.   This week's whales are more playful and the light house is "Brant Point" on Nantucket instead of an unknown lighthouse. 

Love the Smoke Stacks on the ship.  I am sure those sails in real life would have been brown with soot! 

Caption reads, "This happened on Brant Point." 
I always love to add some writing to my paintings.  I think it adds interest and reflects my playful side.  (See below)

Finally, here is another shot showing more of the painting in its entirety.  This is available thru NANTUCKET COUNTRY, Nantucket, MA.  Message me if you need the number  



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