Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Kolene Spicher Custom portrait of a young girl Mermaid

My Lil Daffodil 

A mermaid from Cape Cod. 

Silver Leafed Italian hand made frame 
This little angel is my latest custom portrait.  The painting is designed to sit on a shelf or a coffee table.  I call these my #littletreasures.  

I am unsure of her age.  I was told it, but I can't recall.  I think she is around 4. This is a portrait of a combination between these two photographs. 
When painting these smaller pieces, it is hard to maintain the folkiness of the mermaid without going too realistic.  I want this to be fun.  Everyone loves mermaids and Nantucket so that is why she is carrying a daffodil.  There is something about that particular flower.  I call it a flower in a flower...  I happen to know that this little girl is loved and treasured.  That is what she is, A flower in a flower. 

I paint the original on a big sheet of paper and then use the paper as a palette so that I can be sure that the colors are just right! 

The frames I custom order.  They are hand made and have a wonderful hand applied printed paper on the backs.  This will make a fine piece to add to this wonderful Grandma's collection of Folk ART.  Let's keep this wonderful unique style alive.  


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