Thursday, January 5, 2017

Rufus Porter Style Wall Panel, Post 2

Painting In the Trees and Getting the Detail Correct 

Another day is gone, and I am no where near finished. My back doesn't enjoy working on the floor :).  This is a large painting, and it has to be done on the floor.  You get the idea, time isn't on my side, it's slow going.  

My goal with this is that the colors are bright and current but the technique, I want to look old and historic.  I plan on painting in some sailboats and ships.  I am thinking that some of the boats will have red sails.  (See picture directly above). 

As stated in yesterday's post, I want some birds in the painting, too.  They will be executed very much like the painting on the bottom left.  I love the flying bird and also the stationary ones!

I am getting closer, but no solo, yet! I love the stylized trees and the sunset/sunrise color scheme.  This will look perfect on my grey walls until I am ready for something new or it sells. 

Look at my mess, actually, this is rather tidy for me ~ smile. 

For now, here is what is completed.  By tomorrow, I should have some birds in the painting as well as some ships.  The panel has sort of a breadboard edge on it, which I intend to grain.  

Here is an example of some of the graining that I believe could look really cool on the edge of my mural painting 
Thanks for looking today.  Enjoy your weekend! 

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jeanniekay said...

Kolene, love the Rufus Style wall panel you are currently painting. It is a joy to be able to view each step of the process of your beautiful painting on your blog. I love the idea of boats with red sails and the addition of birds to the painting. I also love the graining technique photo, so wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing ~

Warm regards,