Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merry Christmas Kolene Spicher Mermaids

Good Things Come In Small Packages 
Mermaids posing on a sled for Christmas Picture 
I love the holidays and it's an honor 
to sell something to someone over Christmas that 
you know will be used as a gift.  What a privilege. 

Today, I am talking about my Christmas Mermaid painting.  It's small enough to go in a stocking but too big for my
back pocket!  

I love making Santa figurines, too.  Here are a few that I made a few years back.  The one on the right is a Vallencourt figurine.  The two on the left are KOLENE Santas! 

The frame on this is nearly perfect.  I love it when I find frames that are not fussy and good antiques.  
May it be Joyful and White is written along side the sleigh in the snow. 
This is sort of reminiscent of some of my Nantucket Paintings that I painted a few years back.  Oh how the time seems to passes.  

The mantel looks a little distorted, but you can see the little mermaid painting tucked in there between the ship and the whale.  

Thanks for looking 
and Happy Christmas and New Year to you! 


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