Friday, December 16, 2016

City Folk Homes with neighbors

Neighbors with ______. 

New House Series about City Buildings and 
The People Who Live In Them 

One day I was leafing thru an old folk art book of mine and came across this painting. 

There is something very funny about this, to me.  Maybe it is my quirky sense of humor, but I love this.  Look at all the bottles all over the floor.  This painter had a funny personality.  Notice the broken one to the right. This is an 19th century artist.

I thought wouldn't it be neat to do a series of paintings about  houses with people around the painting doing whatever it is that people do.   

I started to think about my childhood, and our neighbors.  Some of our neighbors brought us cookies and pies, while others didn't mow their grass weekly.  Some of them borrowed milk or flour or sugar.  I lived in town growing up, and we had very close neighbors.  It was fun.  We all had a lot of kids.  Some of the neighbors had 6 children.  "Neighbors with a lot of children..."  

This painting is about "Neighbors who borrow eggs."  

The window in the middle level is painted open in the center in preparation of my lady leaning out to throw the eggs that are being borrowed.  

All the characters in this series will be consistently dressed.  Buildings and trees will vary from painting to painting. 
I love the broken eggs laying on the grass, it puts me in mind of my inspiration piece that I posted above with the broken bottles. 

There she is, hanging out the window.  This is not a farm house in the country like a lot of my paintings illustrate, but is a city house with CITY FOLK! 

I sort of like it in the gold frame but is being painted for Spicher and Co, so I must come up with a reproduction frame.  It might end up in black, but this is what I found as of today. 

I love Jacob Mantel.  This 'folk art' book is opened to one of his characters. He lived around

In the end, after living with this painting for a long time, I decided that I wanted a little more action!  Check out the TRICK OR TREAT POST! 

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