Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mysterious Animal Silhouettes in the Big Woods

Woodsy Animals 

What is black and white and green? My Mysterious animal Silhouettes!  These are part of my final push before market.  I say final, but is anything ever final?  No, I am still working on something else! 

I think these are so fun.  I am not sure what kind of frame they will go in yet, maybe you have a suggestion!  Where do you see them?  Over a mantel? In a bedroom? or in a living room?  Maybe you see the kitchen!  I would love to see that pig all enlarged hanging over my kitchen fireplace! 

I picture the horse with the fox! 

I would place this sheep with the cow! 

I would place this rabbit with the squirrel.  
The squirrel and the rabbit happen to be my favorite.  I can never say why I feel that way, but there's something about this wild animals that are fun and mysterious!

Hopefully, they will enlarge nicely as I didn't paint them super small this time.  Here's the lot of them on my kitchen table! 

Thanks for looking and I hope to see you at HIGHPOINT Market October 2016! 
Spicher and Co is located in the Commerce and Design building! We are on level 1 just right inside the door!


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