Sunday, May 29, 2016

Decorative Butcher Block Whale, Part 1

A whale of a good idea! 
 I have this idea of making decorative butcher blocks that are functional for cutting and displaying food but are also beautiful when not in use.  

 I drew a pattern and had this made.   What do you think? 

The depth is 1 1/2 inches
It is made out of strips of solid walnut and capable of cutting many onions or whatever!  This butcher block is made by a professional craftsperson from the good ole' USA and custom designed by myself.  The quality is as good as anything I have seen.   

The idea is that you can sit this whale on your counter when not in use and it will  still be attractive.  Cut
on one side, painted on the other!

Just for the sake of blogging, I have photographed it on my table in my seashell room.  I designed it to self-stand.  

Check out the rounded edges!  This is the side that will be painted.  
The craftsman followed my design to the T, the finish is incredible. 

I am bummed to say that I set this on my kitchen counter on olive oil and the darker marks were made as a result.    Oh well, it is a butcher block. 

This is the side that will remain UNPAINTED.  You can cut away on it!  You can treat your butcher block with HOWARD BUTCHER BLOCK CONDITIONER.  This can be purchased at Walmart or any similar place.  I am going to be selling this one of a kind piece soon on ETSY.  

Check back for the next entry on my blog,  Decorative Butcher Block Whale, part 2.  I will show how I painted it along with some pictures of it in my  greasy kitchen! (LOL)


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