Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Custom Mermaid Painting - Treasures of the Sea - Post 4 - Last entry! 6/13/15

South Carolina Mermaids finished! 

New and improved tail colors! 
After painting the original painting (look back a few days to post 2), I had to do a few edits.  Well, it was more than a few but worth it!

Yellow/greenish tail belongs to a Chiropractor, hence the bones with "No Curved Tails" 
Some of the things that will make this painting special to these people are not only the similarities of the mermaids to their daughters, but also the inclusion of the dogs, bones, and scales--all of which speak of what these sea girls love and do.  

I think that these girls are so pretty.  You should see the photo of them!

Most of my mermaids include sailors.  No exception here! 
Two Sailors for two Mermaids! 
We wanted to include a few puppies here, too.  The framing was important with this painting (and all paintings).  We needed the frame to "Pop" and decided to go with an old vintage seashell finish.  The owners live along the coast of South Carolina, so this frame should blend well!

No Curved tails, only well adjusted! Speaking of well-adjusted, look at these dogs! So cute. 

I think painting and illustrating must evoke an emotion.  This painting really pulls that off.  I look forward to maybe have photos of the room setting after Treasures of the Sea painting is installed!

We made a few prints of this painting, as well!  

Hanging in my Seashell room before being boxed up!


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