Friday, May 1, 2015

Arranging and Living with Nautical Artwork by Kolene Spicher

Collecting and Arranging Nautical Paintings
Newly polished Sterling Antique Trophies really stand out!  The Cutter ship in the gold frame is only
there temporarily, as it is sold.  The whimsical print directly behind it is for sale on my ETSY KOLENESPICHER store.  
Many of you know that I am an artist and that I paint for a living for Spicher and Co.  However, did you know that I have a side of me that loves to decorate?  In fact, I have decorated many a properties--including, beach houses and other venues that are not my own.  One of the funnest jobs I have ever done was in Ocean City.  I had the opportunity to install all the artwork (mine, of course).   Sometimes it is not very easy to know where to start.  This is especially true if you have a lot of 'things' that you want to use in your staging.  I am a big fan of the layered look.  I get a lot of compliments on the mantle in the above photograph.  The trophies on the left could use a little polishing.  

I like to group paintings that tell a story.  The picture on the bottom is actually a print and will be for sale on Etsy.  My store is KOLENESPICHER. 
In the above example, it's fun to imagine that these paintings somehow all go together.  The lighthouse groupings are an obvious connection. The ships in the background of the Original with the "shabby chic" (above photo) frame sort of tie the top two to the bottom two.  I like to imagine that the sailor and mermaid were privy to the ships that are illustrated.  In my mind, they all flow nicely together.  

This is a closeup of the print for sale on ETSY.  

Keeping them all in a line is a very simple way to display them.  Sometimes if you have them all scattered around a room with a picture centered on a big wall, the artwork becomes lost and unnoticeable.  The groupings tie them and anchor them to the room.  The box and the items create a grouping--think 3! Three things always look swell, except for with people, three's a crowd. 
I know it's not practical  but I really like the seashells on the ottoman.  The stripes of the chair work with the carpeting, too!

Again, we have the straight line going up the wall.  Imagine a pencil line going straight up.  The nail is driven on the pencil line, carefully lining the bottom painting up with the top.  The sailboat and chair and paintings create a 3!  Think 3!!  The bottom print is for sale on my KOLENESPICHER Etsy store.  It is a second but is in good condition.

Here's a closeup!

I love the fresh clean sails.  I think it compliments the chair nicely, too!

…and thanks for looking today! 


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Mugwump Woolies said...

Hello Kolene...I just purchased these two wonderful prints. The smaller ship will stay with me, but the Brant Point print is a gift for my very best friend. She is retiring this year after a long career in teaching. We have had many trips to Nantucket together, and always toss a few pennies while rounding Brant Point on the ferry home. I've been looking for the perfect gift and I think this is it!

Have a great weekend,