Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Baby Room with Kolene Spicher Sailboat Prints

A Sweet Room for a Baby Boy 

Complete with Kolene Spicher Day Boats! 

Today, someone kindly sent me some pictures of their baby room.  I love this lady's taste in color and pattern!  

I love the quilt and the sailboats accessorizing this room

Like any artist, I always get a kick out of seeing my stuff in someone's home.  I think that the light blue wall really compliments the prints, carpet, quilt, and overall color palette of the room! 

My favorite sailboat is the red one on the far left! 
Another thing she did that was smart (and I was relieved to see), was that she anticipated her newborn would one day stand.  The prints are high enough for now that the baby will not knock them off the wall!  Good job. 

LOVE the map sheets!

I included a link to Spicher and Co's website so that you could take a look at these day boats up and close! 
The resolution could be a tad bit better on these room settings, so this link will help!

So happy these pictures were shared!  Thanks for looking today! 


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