Tuesday, December 16, 2014

American Country Home Catalog CIRCA HOME LIVING

circa HOME living 

2014 Supplement 

This is a 'partial' image of one of my prints that circa HOME living has for sale! 
Today, I opened my mail and found these lovely catalogs.  Actually, my artwork was featured on the supplement which I presume is tucked inside the larger catalog~not sure!

Full of upscale home furnishings 

This company takes all of the guesswork out of finding quality AMERICAN MADE products.  Believe me, this can be hard to do in today's world.  They have 'scoured' the markets to find top-rated, juried artisans in order to provide
the American made products that they feature in their catalog. 

They sell theorems, yellow ware, vinyl floor mats (awesome), crocks, pewter, baskets, furniture, lighting, candles, and books.  PLUS THEY SELL MUCH MORE.  


What do they sell of mine?  There are several items, I noticed, but today I will focus on the artwork. 

Each frame is a lovely tiger maple

It's no secret that I love primitive.   The problem is I love everything.  Sometimes it's hard for me to know where to put my focus.  This above print is reminiscent of the 1800's.  The out of scale figures were commonly painted by non-academic artists.  I guess that means me!  I did have some training but not a lot.  When I look at this print, I have to laugh.  There is no way that these little kids would stand there long enough for an artist to capture their likenesses.  This was one of the prints that decorated some of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's hotel rooms but are now available thru circa HOME living.   

The warm greens look great in a period style home

This is also a nice painting for a period styled home.   I love the man that both women seem to be eyeing up.  The proportions are sort of 'off' but that's what makes it appealing to me.  I love the zigzag like water, again very 1800's.  LOVE the colors. 
The pathway to the country

Finally, This is the featured piece that was used for their cover.  I love it.  It's been so long since I painted this style, but I can tell you that I got my inspiration for this painting from a piece of English Staffordshire.  I collect 19th century children's soft paste mugs.  I have a mug that says "Playing with Pompey."  

Apple tree

Willow tree 

Lastly, I present the trees.  I love these trees.  Like the first few pieces, these trees are very nostalgic looking and are suggestive of a time long ago.  I feel these paintings have an innocence and naivety to them that some of my later artwork doesn't reflect.  

Take a look at these prints in circa HOME living.  Like them on Facebook.  Ask for a catalog.  Hang them in your home! 

To coin their slogan, their catalog is the pathway to the American Country Home. 



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