Thursday, December 4, 2014

Miniature Ship Portrait

Ship Portrait in Miniature

This little print measures about 4 3/4 " x 5 3/4" 
I placed this around the house in different spots, and it looks cute a lot of places.  I just listed it on ETSY and am running a special for December.  Go to my ETSY KOLENESPICHER page to check it out.  You have to enter the code to get the special, however.  Here are some other shots.  

I like it sitting here, too, in front of my GW bust.  LOVE George Washington!!! 
The back of this frame was really neat, so I decided to frame it with sheet music.  Check this out!   It would fit well in a stocking for Christmas-hint. 

I don't know who the Foster Brothers were, but I like their stuff!

Here is a closeup!  I like to hang my artwork around the real antique.  I think it really blends and just works well.  The miniature portraits that are shown (below) came from Nantucket Country.  She has the best antique miniatures.  

Jones was a famous sailor name! 

The paper really comes thru here.  The paper, actually was a page from an old book.  The backside, again, is very cool.  Unfortunately, I cannot show you, but it was painted on old marbled antique paper from a book from the 1850's.  

Merry Christmas! 

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