Thursday, November 20, 2014

Parks of New York City - developing a new style.

Black and Light

(Not black and white) 

A new style of painting that I am working on
I am like many artists, I really get bored with one 'look' and recently decided that I wanted to try to add another more contemporary style to my paintings.   I am not saying goodbye to 'folk art' just hello to something that is a little more current.  As I posted this, I imagined all the people's reactions-negative and positive- to this different look.  Some would say, what is she doing? While others (who have never seen my light happy stuff) maybe would say, 'Hm. I like this.'  I think that this painting is all about the light, I even put a street light in there, as if to prove it.  

I moved this around the house trying to capture the right colors with different lighting.  The painting is close but the frame is way off-very colorless, unlike the original. 
I have yet to come up with a name for this.  I think I will call it "Old Photo Brown tone Painting".  I included an old 'brown tone' that was taken in Ocean City about 1905.  This was my Great Aunt Nellie, who I adored.

This example on the right is closer to reality.  The white "dirt" on the frame is really old dried white paint.  It is clean and not as grungy as it looks.  I have about 9 others that I have worked on this last week but I am taking them to Atlanta so I can't show them…yet. 

With today's technology, its really hard to come up with something new and fresh.  Even people that cannot paint to save their lives can come up with something decent if they know how to work the different workshops that can be downloaded unto a good computer--such as paint or illustrator, etc… 

The frame is very old and the glass is wavy, but the artwork is very new and very unique.

The scratches seem to just work as if they try to reach down to blend with the trees 

An area of Central Park 'The Conservatory' 

This area of the park is fascinating to me.  in 1917 it was called The Conservatory Water because it was intended to have a greenhouse built on the very spot that the pond or reflecting pool sits today.  Instead, it became a place where model sailboats were propelled, the greenhouse never built.  The sailboats with their long sticks were extended into the water in hope for a strong wind.  Today they have remote controls that power the little boats all around.  This painting is my imagination at work.  What would it be like at night?  Remember, that dark is only the absence of light.  It's not scary, its just not illuminated.   We only know light because of darkness and we only know darkness because of light.  I know, too deep.

Lastly, here's my favorite area.  I seem to place a lot of pictures here till they are sold.  It just is my favorite spot for small paintings.  I need to do this to more book shelves.  It  takes time...





Linda Benner said...

Kolene- you are so talented! I love your new style... as well as the old ones... I need to acquire one for myself :)

Kolenespicher said...

Thanks again!