Saturday, June 14, 2014

Winter Scene Folkart

It was the Finest Snowfall Ever! 

A Charming winter scene! 

I know it seems a little early to be talking about snowfall, but I was working on this painting and thought that it would be fun to snap a few pictures of it and tell you all about it.  

I think my landscape styles are a little Grandma Moses like! 
She certainly loved her winter scenes!
I think nearly everyone can relate to winter.  Wintertime brings people together like no other time.  We skate, we carol, we sled, we build snowmen, and we work.  I love the way the trees look in the winter.  The form and color is every bit as interesting as in the summer when the trees are covered with leaves.  

Great Memories! 
When I was a young girl, we used to skate on a family friend's pond.  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN and has provided me with some  rich memories that will be with me for my lifetime.  One of my favorite things to watch are the skaters.  Each winter when I go to NYC I love to watch the skaters at Rockefeller Center.  I love the big tree, too! 
 Next to skating, I love to watch the kids build a snowman.  My boys build them all winter long.  Every now and again, someone builds a miniature one and sits it on my windowsill.  It melts before supper~EVERY TIME!

Old Time Grained Frame
These old looking frames were actually grained not too long ago.  The dings are deliberate and are meant to give a feel of an antique frame.  I love the color of the sky and the way it contrasts the frame (or rather compliments it).  
Someone has to work! 

This is what a New England or Pennsylvania hillside looks like! 

The red on this house is brighter than the original but I still like it and included it because it stands out.  Mostly everything in this painting "Pops."  I really like this one!  

I am going to list it on my Etsy store KOLENESPICHER.  Check it out!


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