Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Sailor's Valentine

Sailor's Give Great Gifts!

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There are few things that make me happier than a Sailor.  I just like the word - S A I L O R!  I have painted many 'sailors' over the years and equally many  mermaids.  

I decided this afternoon to put an encaustic finish on this painting and WOW did it pop! 

Even the frame has this wax finish ~ it's my new favorite thing to do! 
I really loved this polka dotted paper and decided to apply it to the back of the picture along with my signature card (From Spicher and Co.).  I sign so many of those cards and have a nice amount of them here in my studio!  Spares to share! 

Here's another painting that I called "A Sailor's Valentine".  I love her hair!  I love her heart that reads "Make us One Heart." I believe it was a February post, possibly the 14th. 

The heart theme is very dominant in this painting (like the painting above) and the red makes you think "Valentine's Day".  
This gal has a bit of a tan! The ship reads STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER…AMEN! 

I love the heart and the XOXOs that surround it.  I love her seaweed bra, too.  

The frame is compliments of my Mom.   It was in her personal collection (as they say!). 


When I paint a new nautical piece, I like to place it around the house in different locations to
see how it melds or looks with other pieces of my work.  If it blends, than I am happy.

My goal is for each piece to blend with last year's piece and the year before that, etc.  That way when someone jumps in and starts to collect my artwork, they can continue to add to it over the years, knowing that each will match the other.  I think that this is true of most artist.  That is how we are able to know who painted what over the centuries, even if the painting is not signed.  Each artist has his or her's own characteristics.

Thanks for taking the time to read this today.  Please check out this painting on ETSY.  


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