Monday, February 24, 2014

The Greek Revival sugar or Flour Canister

More Hand Building in my Pottery Class 

The Love of Learning New things should keep us all motivated each day! 

Today my dear Lin taught me more wonderful hand-building techniques.  She truly is a gem to be around and learn from.  I feel like it is taking me forever, but she is so thoughtful about each week's class and thinks and anticipates what I might need from week to week.   This canister is suppose to be a Flour container.  Currently at home, I have antique glass ones.  I want to make a mess of canisters all different shapes but same glaze and clay.  The challenge is to get the lid to fit.  Honestly, I thought that was the hardest part of the learning exercise.  I have been working on this for two weeks.  I love Greek architecture and happen to live in a Greek Revival style home.  This is suppose to look like a column.  

Greek Revival Flour Canister 
 The picture below is my thoughtful analysis of the handle which was not turned on a potter's wheel but formed and then sliced away with a tool while spinning the blue wheel.  My teacher Lin took a picture of me as I was doing this and gave me a high compliment by saying that I reminded her of herself.  How nice.

Kolene hard at work turning a 1 1/2 " pull for  Canister! 

A few weeks ago, I posted about my 'Brownie' pan.  Here it is with a sub glaze on it.  I don't have a picture of it, but I removed some of the glaze so that the brown clay comes thru when it is fired.  It will be fired a second time later next week.  

Today, before my class, I worked on some new stuff for the High Point Furniture Market.  I am going to post pictures of these items VERY soon.  I need to wait a bit--instructions from my dear husband who runs SPICHER AND CO.

I hope you all enjoy my entry today.  I had so much fun painting and hand-building with clay.  I am a blessed lady to be able to do what I love!


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