Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tramp Art Ship

 I love tramp art...

This little baby is literally 5x8".  I picked the frame up long ago at an antique gallery.  I love to use tramp art (the type of frame that this is classified) any time that I can.  People don't always 'get' it but it is something that was made many years ago out of cigar boxes.  They are sort of like 'outsider art' and were lovingly made between 1870-1890. It was a widespread form of folk-art in its day and popular in America.  Sometimes they were even made out of old produce boxes.  These chip covered and layered pieces were fashioned into frames, jewelry boxes, little containers for all sorts of knick-knacks, and even furniture.  Although, the term implies that they were made by hobos, they were actually believed to be constructed by skilled itinerant German immigrants who traveled the country selling their wares (not much different than what I am doing, I suppose.  :)  This frame is a genuine antique--unlike the painting for which I am responsible.     If you think you would like to purchase this painting, you can reach me by leaving a message on this blog.  Thanks for looking.

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