Friday, November 23, 2012

Nantucket Mass! Maxie's Pond!

Maxie's Pond 

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Have you ever wondered how a mermaid dresses when it's snowing?  Well, I have. I picture them with white flowing capes that turn them into sweet innocent angels. Ha!  They lured men from the past, and they lure us today.  Many artists have depicted them, some serious and some playful, some topless.   I go for the whimsical in between look, myself.  I decided that they have to have tops on, too, because I'm a good conservative from Pennsylvania and it just seemed that it had to be that way.  

There is a pond on Nantucket that the locals like to ice-skate on (or so I have been told).  It seemed fitting to name this painting after that very pond.  This particular piece went to Nantucket Country, Nantucket, Massachusetts.  The mermaids that are around the fire are warming their tails.  There is a light snow falling and the muted colors against the bright blue sky remind us that winter is not very far away.


Anonymous said...

Wow Kolene this is wonderful!

Kolenespicher said...

Thanks, whoever you are!