Friday, November 23, 2012

A house on Hussey Street, Nantucket, Mass

A House on Hussey Street 


I was recently in Nantucket and acquired this lovely frame from shop owner, Cam Dutton, of Nantucket Country.  I regularly paint for her shop/gallery.   We wanted to somehow incorporate the name "Hussey" into the piece so it is carefully written across the bottom of the painting.  I painted this in the watercolor technique using acrylic paints that are thinned down.  I love the bright orange walkways with the brilliant blue sky.  The trees are painted in a whimsical style that really sets the mood and time of the painting back into the 1850s, which is my favorite time.  I wish I could live back then but with air conditioning and internet and running water.  This painting is fitted with antique glass to match the style and in keeping with the frame.  


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