Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Painting for Spicher and Company and the upcoming High Point Furniture market 2016, entry 3

...More Bathing Beauties 
Layering artwork with decorative objects
I like the idea of a white frame.  
I love to layer artwork with like objects.  In this above photo you are looking at one of my Bathing Beauties and some of my prints and seashell original paintings.  The seashell jugs were made back in the 60s for my grandmother and given to me.  

I like how this looks with the vintage/antique Red, white and blue quilt. 
This looks very 'seashore' to me.  I really love it.  Over the years I have collected a lot of quilts, this red, white and blue one is my absolute favorite.  Here are all of them paired with the partner that I felt went well together.  

He is navigating a toy boat, she is watching! 

He has a trowel for digging shells along with the goggles (around his neck) and
she is holding the shells as they are found.  

He is fishing and she is watching! Love the Fisher T-shirt. 

He is tossing the ball and she is watching (sort of).  

Nothing like a refreshing beverage, seaside! 

Go Fly a kite!  Try it in the water!  

In this picture you are looking at sections of the whole lot of them.  They were very time-consuming to paint but well worth it.  They are light, and fun, and full of interest.  If you are interested in purchasing the print of this, they all will be available thru Spicher and Co in April 2016.  You can also message me, I can get anything you want!!  

www.Spicherandco.com  is the company that I paint for.  These and many others will be on display at the Commerce and Design Building in High Point, NC April 2016 at the Furniture Market! 
These will be made available to the trade.  

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