Thursday, March 31, 2016

Another 3-D Mermaid, Part 3

Painting the mermaid 

and Creating the Composition 

She's Painted and cut out, I love
her sweet expression 
I have the backdrop finished, almost.  I may create some more shadows in the water as I progress thru the painting.  This is when the painting really starts to get interesting.  It is all coming together, the colors are building...  Pretty soon, I will have a finished piece! 

Here (below) was where I finished up at the end of last week.  The frame is still not finished.  I will post some pictures of that, too, as I get to that step of the process.  For now, I have placed this lemon gold frame over the painting because it is almost the correct size, ironically. 

After I drew the mermaid (see the previous post), I carefully painted her and then cut her out.  I am now at the place where I must decide where to place her on the painting. 

Can you tell that she is ON TOP of the painting?  She is not securely fastened yet.  I want to be certain of the composition.  

The next thing I had to paint was the sailor.  He is fishing and is in the background.  He will be catching a MARLIN.  Here are some reference pictures that I took off the internet that I liked. 

I have not painted this yet.  

Here is my sailor.  I love his pinstriped pants! 

I will paint the fishing rod tomorrow as well as the Marlin.  There is going to be a ship in this piece, too.  It will be on the right side.  I may add a shell or two and a scripture about the loaves and fishes that the customer requested.  It will be really a neat and meaningful painting when I am finished.  Sorry this process has drug out a bit.  You know what they say, 

"You can't rush art!" 


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