Friday, May 8, 2015

Custom Mermaid Painting - Treasure of the sea! - Post No. 1

Sea Treasures 
I love the complexity of this Cottage style frame 
Today, I have started a new custom mermaid painting.  It's actually going to be a double mermaid painting. This painting is about the treasures found in the sea.  It will include (along with the mermaids) dogs, shells, ships, sailors--everything that we love.  Everything that holds mystery…even the sea itself will "pop" in this painting.   

When I paint, I like to draw the viewer into the painting.  To do this, it has to be about something.  The real treasures in life are the people and the animals that are placed in our care for a short time…  
This was drawn very fast, but this is the composition.  
 I want the mermaids to have some sailor friends in the background.  One standing and one sitting, it keeps things interesting! However, the painting is definitely NOT about the sailors.  It is about the dogs and the mermaids.

So ADORABLE~Both of them! 
My idea is that the big shell will hold the dogs.  The two mermaids are actually two sisters.  The "mom" of these beauties wanted them on the beach with shells, etc.  It thought it would be so cute to have the dogs, too.  

Picking the frame is always a challenge.  We decided that we wanted to go with a cottage style.  The frame is really complex.  There are a lot of tones that are under the surface that make it beautiful.  

I am definitely going to be including the warm sand.  It contrasts the frame quite nicely.  

I had this old mermaid print laying around; it is actually too small for this frame.  I thought it would be fun to throw it behind the frame just to see… I like it.  The only thing that I intend to do is go MUCH lighter blue with the water.  

I like these color tones.  
I love the blues here.  

And here...
I am going to include a ship or a sailboat, too.  I am not sure which! This was taken
on the Chesapeake Bay. 
Thanks so much for looking.  I appreciate your time! Check back soon for more updates.  I am going to begin the tedious task of drawing the mermaids very soon.  


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