Friday, February 6, 2015

Kolene Spicher Moonlit water scene of Long Island

A likeness of Long Island Sound

My favorite French BOOK

I love all things French.  This book is a new prop of mine.  I enjoy taking pictures in different settings and laying my artwork on top to see how the colors are changed by the nature of their surroundings. 

Photographed on Nickel
The Greek Revival model really adds to the overall good feel.  

Look how the mood of this changes when photographed on black.

I recently became interested in moonlight water scenes.  What I learned very quickly was that moonlight over Laguna Beach is similar to Moonlight over the Chesapeake which is similar to moonlight over
Long Island Sound.  Moonlight is moonlight, and water is water.

I enjoy looking at photographs and found a picture of Long Island that I liked and so Wa-LA here, here she is!   It is very similar to the other moonlight scenes.  I am going to TRY not to paint any more like this. haha. Try is the key word.

I took the painting (which is tiny) to different areas of my house to photograph it.  I had some trouble with glare.  I tried every trick in the book.  I wished I had snapped my photos before putting it behind glass.  I didn't want to stress the back of the picture frame by disassembling it.  The frame is COMPLETELY LOVELY.  It is handmade and hand silver leafed in Italy.  I have waited forever for these frames to arrive. 

Look at the details.  The paper is outstanding.  Just love the frame. 

This might be the truest likeness.  In the left corner I wrote "Long Island Sound."  I could not tell exactly from the photo where this was from.  It could be anywhere, truthfully, it can be from where you want it to be :) 

Thanks for looking! 

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