Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mermaid Ship Painting

The Flying Circus

You are welcome to read this, but I have updated this painting.  Sometimes, a piece of art isn't finished (when you think it is finished).  Sometimes, just sometimes, it needs something more.  I'd like to think that it hadn't fulfilled its mission…TO MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY.  Please read February 16, 2015's post!  I think you'll understand why I updated it. 

This  painting was briefly talked about a week ago, but now that I have a few moments, I wanted to talk about it in greater depth.  As I was painting this, I kept thinking circus.  When I see those old ships in the harbors of Annapolis or Philadelpha, I wonder about all that roping.  My thoughts go to the movies  like Pirates of the Caribbean because that is what I have been exposed to.  While I think that a seasoned sailor can swing from the ropes, the average JOE cannot! 

The title is down on the right side  THE FLYING CIRCUS
SO my favorite thing about this painting is the fresh white flag.  I almost painted it a color and then decided not to the very last minute.  I am so glad that I did because I love the contrast of the white against the green/blue sea.  

This painting is 18 1/4" x 22 1/4" and is featured in a simple black frame.  
This is a tad bit brighter than the original but overall captures the painting's colors

The frame is an antique and more primitive but very simple 
I think that one of my favorite things to paint is happy.  Happy, happy, happy is what we all need.  This world is too scary to have artwork that doesn't make you smile.


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