Monday, June 9, 2014

Impressionistic Sunflower Painting

Sunflowers Van Gogh Style 

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Today, I bring to you impressionistic painting NO. 3.   Although, this one may have been the first one that I painted  in this series.  It's been a while since I finished these, 2006 to be exact.  I think that this was the first in the series because the sunflowers were what I fell in love with in the VanGogh book.  

I love how these impressionistic flower paintings look with antique and vintage items 
 One of the things that stand out to me is the red and the transition that is made to the turquoise.  If you love turquoise, you will like this painting.  It is bright and the colors have a beautiful vibrancy that some of the other paintings in this series lack.  Look closely at the gold that transitions to turquoise.  Look at the purples that are blended within the red.  Look at the movement of the paint.  I think that this fun.    
Notice the bright red at the bottom left portion of this painting.  
I love the bright red at the bottom left, suggesting light.  One thing about this style of painting is that it is meant to be viewed from about 5 feet away.  I think it's neat up and close, too, but you really see all the movement when you are standing back from the pieces (look at my previous post on the other two flower paintings that I have blogged about). 
The warm tones of the flowers are bright like the sunshine.  
Sometimes when I am painting in this style, I just dab the brush randomly, collecting colors that are of the same family,  and just to see what the result ends up being.  At times, I wipe it off because it looks muddy.  However, that's what is fun about painting in this style.  It is forgiving.  
Notice the gold highlights in the frame 
The frame is every bit as important as the subject matter.  These frames are very substantial and as I mentioned in an earlier post, expensive!  Look at the width!

It is fun to to pair my paintings with vintage items that are not connected.  The bird just works because it is of nature like the flowers.  The hourglass looks neat because of the brown wood, which blends with the reds in the painting.  The cups compliment the overall colors quite nicely.  I probably will not keep the painting here because I am listing it on ETSY and don't want it to get damaged.  It may fall here.  

Thanks for looking today.


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