Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Silhouettes of Beautiful Women

Silhouettes of beautiful women 
for your bedroom

Recently, while at market I met a very nice lady who was a designer representing Young America, a division of Stanley Furniture.  Her name was Elizabeth  and she worked for Design Associates out of Wilmington, NC.  She liked my silhouettes and so we recolored them to match the style that you see reflected in the room below.   So much of today's decor is just 'average' looking.  Nothing really stands out.  You can't say that about this picture!  This beautiful bedroom with gorgeous furniture (by Stanley Furniture) very eloquently says unique. I love the gorgeous bedding, wallpaper, and carpet and how they compliment my Lady Silhouette pictures. The designers at Young America really hit a home run here.   Their choice of timeless colors and lines give the bedroom a lasting look that promises to not go out of style tomorrow.

When designing these pictures, I took careful consideration into what really makes a woman look classic and beautiful.  I love the dressiness of these pieces but the simplistic execution enables them to be displayed across many room venues and settings.  The jewelry really makes them look unique. We show them  framed in white.   Here is a closeup:
I love the little hairs at the back of the bun!  I think these subtle details make my silhouettes stand out.    The beige color of the lady is a refreshing change from the black that I typically use.  
I think that the spirals in the rug are a neat detail that reflect the jewelry in each of the 3 pieces.  For this reason, along with the color of the rug, these paintings really compliment the room as a whole,
 Your eyes easily travel over the room setting noting all the wonderful details.    Wall color is important, too, and what was selected just brings things together in a lovely way.  All these things have to be considered when designing.  

I would also like to thank Los Caraballo who permitted me to use these outstanding photos.  I think he did a wonderful job! 

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