Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Rufus Porter Project

Painting a Mural 

Rufus Porter Style 

Part of one of my paintings 
I am getting ready to travel to Connecticut to do a mural.  It's one large wall, but I felt it was manageable, so I agreed.  One of the things that helps tremendously when embarking on a project like this is good reference material.  My customer liked one of my paintings and wanted it to be executed larger, so this makes it easier for me because I am essentially copying myself.  

This is the painting that she liked.  My ideas are to paint it very closely in composition and color to the original; however, for my "mockup" I changed it a little, I made it slightly brighter.  I thought that the mural might be easier to do if I had the painting.  The painting is too large for my vehicle so this is the next best thing.  

This is painted on a light weight panel so that I can easily truck it across the country!  

I am going to place a grained tiger maple frame around it!  

Tune back in later for more photos, probably next week or the week after! 


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Carved Pottery by Kolene Spicher

Tree trunks, birds, ships by the sea 

Both of these pieces have been scratched or carved.  The bottom one was an early piece.  I actually like this little sheep mug.  It is not worthy of selling but I like it and intend to use it if not to drink out of to paint out of LOL.  

I am not sure how I will paint this one  It is one of many pieces that is sitting on my studio shelf.  I just look at it as it is drying and I say,  hmmm.  What should I do with this??  LOL, I have no idea but I will know one day.  It will tell me.  

This is a vase that fell.  I thought to myself, I am going to carve the heaviness and ugliness away.  I am going to perform plastic surgery on this baby and what others would trash, I will improve and help and make something beautiful with it.  Will it work?  It just might.  Tune in and see.  

I love squirrels but not in my house.  This is as close as it will get.  

I liked how when you sight across this you see a ship painted on the inside.  Don't judge the painting yet, it has to be fired and will look different.  I am hoping it will look better.  I have NO clue what it will look like after it is fired.    

Along the sea.  I named it.  If you have ever been to Nantucket, you will know that in the spring there are 1,000s of daffodils.  

 So Bloom where you are planted. 

K. Spicher 

19th Century Reproduction Whale in Gold Oval Ornate frame and Whaling Ceramics by Kolene Spicher Pennsylvania Artist

Happy Whale with Happy Tail and
Whaling Ceramics! 

I decided today that I would post my whaling art along with my ceramics that I made to compliment my latest whale painting.  The painting is a one of a kind original in an old yummy distressed antique frame.  

The artwork speaks for itself.  All is painted with love and is UNRUSHED.  I want to enjoy my work.  I want people to feel the love that goes into what I make :) 

I made this a square cup.  It was deliberate and on purpose and I bravely took two  books and smashed the four corners.  I don't even know if that is correct.  But it's KORRECT Kolene.  

I will always love silhouettes. 

You can't see it because this is unbisqued, but the ship sails will be white and in between grey/tan.  

The Whalers! 

I haven't done it yet, but I intend to clean up that handle.  See Handles are my nemesis.  I couldn't even spell this word.  I Had to look the spelling up, but the definition remains accurate.  I struggle with handles.  I will conqueror them.  They can't be harder than _____.  

Big fat handle you will fire perfect!!! You will appear thin and be strong.  LOL

Pottery is fun.  You have to be brave to do anything exceptional.  I am trying to be brave and think out of the box.  Give me time.  

K. Spicher 

New *POTTERY and artwork - FLOWERS - for Atlantasmart Summer 2018 by Kolene Spicher for Spicher and Co

Flower MUGS and Artwork 

Made with Love 

I have been behind.  

So let's start with the thing I finished LAST.  That way, hopefully, I can reconstruct my days.  Seriously, I need to number my days so that I can keep them straight and spend them correctly.  I really try to juggle the family with my work and fun.  I am not the most organized person and at times it's tough for me, BECAUSE of this.  Pottery has helped me because I am for the first time in about 25 years around other people when I create.  I am thankful for Audra.  She is a very industrious lady that co-runs and owns a clay studio that is local to me.  From this point forward, let it be understood that this is a process of learning for me.  What you see may not be perfect but it is heartfelt and sincere.  

This is to compliment my latest artwork for Spicher and Co.  I am NOT mass producing anything  of pottery.  These will remain one of a kind pieces :) 

I am learning that  'handles' are not so easy to make.  In reality, handles have the power to ruin
a cup, just like a frame a painting. 

I scratched some detail into this cup after it was painted.  The scratch lines will be white.  This will be more obvious after firing.
Painting pottery is funny.  What you see is not what you get, unlike picture painting.  There's so much guess work in this.  I paint in faith that it will turn out, but like life, once this baby hits the fire, it's anyone's guess what it will look like.  My most rewarding days in pottery are when I get something back that I love.  So far, this hasn't been a lot.  I have high standards, LOL.  Let it be said, I AM enjoying the process of learning as long as I am still learning!!

I will be painting about 12 of these.  All of them will be the same colors choices but with differences in the shapes of the flowers and vases and polkadots.  Because they are hand painted, the color values will vary.  

Thanks for Looking today.  I may try to attend Atlanta in July 2018.  Time will tell.  


Friday, April 20, 2018

I am going MUGSY! The process of learning ceramics by Kolene Spicher

My first Mug and Platter 

The Birds Find Their Home by the Sea 
Mermaid Holding a Sweet Bird by the Sea 

Ceramics by Kolene Spicher 

I have been learning how to do ceramics in my free time, lol.  I have no free time.  My days are always planned with good things.  Each day I try to do something the VERY BEST THAT I CAN.  It doesn't have to be perfect, but it needs to be my best.  

Ceramics have been a type of healing for me.  It is too deep to explain and I'd bore you.  So lets look at some pictures.  

This is not really what I thought this would look like.  The green burned brown and sort of looks like my grass in the summer after 6 weeks of no rain.  I didn't use enough paint...sigh.  The black lines are inconsistent.  I did not realize that when they say three coats, they really mean three.  Who would have thought.  So make a note, next mug, three coats of color.  Oh and don't use that green.  Or that blue...What, you don't know what blue you used, do you?  Know your colors.  Make a note.  So you are starting to see, this isn't an easy process.  But I love this mug and I think what makes it endearing are the imperfections that this new potter is learning to overcome.  I like the hand made look, but there needs to be a line that I don't cross.  I don't know the line. :( 

I like the way the leaf turned out and also the drippy blue.  The handle on the left says, "The Birds!"  The other side says, "Find their home!" Finally, barely there, is the writing By the Sea in the muddy grass. 

Let's talk about the lady in the picture.  She's sort of bumpy...literally and in all the wrong places, but you know what?  I love her.  I love this mug, and imperfect as it is, I have found that it is very fun to drink out of.  

I'd say that this was me, but it isn't.  But I do love it and want to keep it! 
See the handle?  This says, "Find their Home."  This is referring to birds.  Nevermind that my finger doesn't even fit in that hole.  LOL. 

You can't see it in the picture, but there is a bump to the right of this poor woman's breast.  I don't mind it, but I am pointing it out because it's there, and when you drink out of it, you are reminded that a woman made this mug.  LOL. 

This is very Bohemian!
Oh how I love that blue inside the cup and also on the water.  If only I had put more brush strokes.  

This might actually be my favorite part.  This sweet Robin truly found a home by the sea and in this cup.  I am going to do a painting around this mug.  I am working on another cup that has this theme painted on it to go with the  new painting.  Whoever gets the painting, gets the mug!  I will plan on taking this stuff to #wiltonhistoricalsociety show that takes place in November.  

I am going to make a hand built stand for this. 
Finally, let's talk about the platter.  I love so much of it.  I don't love the shine.  I am going to make another one out of Porcelain.  Yesterday, I made two hand-built porcelain mugs.  I worked on them some this morning and I love how they are getting.  One of them will be  for my Birds find their Home by the Sea mug.  

Now you know why I am going "Mugsy." #Mugsy is about pottery (for me).  It's about all the steps and lessons and about loving what you are, whatever that might be.  :) 


Monday, April 2, 2018

Bird Mermaid Platter by Kolene Spicher

Showing off her bird-catching skills 
A Kolene Spicher Mermaid Pottery Piece 

Hand Building Pottery 

I have made some progress with my platter since I last posted.  The colors on this piece are beginning to POP as the clay is drying out in preparation to Bisque Firing.  

The edge of this piece was designed to look like coral.  I think it has this look, too, but I don't know for certain what this will look like once it is Bisque Fired. 

I decided to add the curtain because it gives it a good pop of color.  The water is textured and many shades of BLUE will stick out once fired. 

I am really loving this whole process.  I am going to be making many more of this sort of thing.  As I learn more about the clay, I am leaning more toward the hand-building process.  I am also learning to throw on the wheel, too.  


Apple Mug

Eat Apples Daily 
A functional and decorative mug
by Kolene Spicher 

Can you help me find my missing apples? 

The bottom was heavy...sigh, I am a beginner!  
This little mug isn't so little.  It's heavy too, but it is so cute.  I am thinking that it will turn out A-ok once it's fired.  Will survive the fire?  I believe! 

Is it me or does she look like she is wearing a beehive?  I think we will call her Beehive lady! 

The colors are rich on this, and not garish!  I will post more once it's fired! 
Here are my missing apples!  
Like all my art, this too is meant to be interactive.  I want people to look at this stuff and be curious, what's the message?? 
The vote is out on the inside being blue...I might just hate it.  We shall see.