Friday, February 17, 2017

Kolene Spicher Original Dog Portraits, Post 4

The Dogs of Facebook 

Dachshunds, Maltese, Boxer, 
and the French Bulldog

The Boxer from Marysville 
I am having too much fun with this.  I hate to tell you this if you are waiting for folk art, but this post is all about dogs.  They keep pouring into my Facebook page, and so I continue to paint them.  

As I said, they will be available thru Spicher and Company mid April, 2017.  

If you are really sharp, you will notice that I did some changes to some of these posts above.  
Some changes ~ My Bernise Mountain dog, lower right corner, did not have a collar on.  I added this bright red collar and I happen to thing he's precious.  His name is Gipper and he is from Lancaster.  

My girlfriend really wanted a heart added to her Greyhound.  You will see Wobbie or Wubbie or whatever front and left of center.  

These are brother and sister Dachshunds, again straight from someone who contacted me
thru Facebook. 

Here are the Facebook Dachshunds that were the models
I am not certain what type of dog this little white pup might be.   My girlfriend who know a lot said that she thinks it is a Maltese.  

One dog that is really precious and I love is the French Bulldog.  Again, Facebook

French Bulldog

I happen to think that this dog turned out really well.  I just like him, and I am in love with black and white!  So there you have it, in love.  

You can see the likeness on this one.  Of course I added the bell.  
According to my same friend, the boxer and the French Bulldog (as well as the Boston Terrier) are all descendants from a bull dog type dog called Bullenbeisser from Germany.  She says it was a fiercely strong dog with a jaw that would hold wild boars and bulls by the nose while the huntsman shot them.  This required extreme tenacity, fearlessness, and super strong jaw muscles.  Of course, now they are all tamed down to be less aggressive (hopefully), except for some Pit Bulls.  Did I tell you that she loves dogs?

I love how these dogs look with my trophy!  HAHA, I am all about the decorating, too.  

Here's a closeup of the collar on the Bernise Mountain Dog.  It adds so much. 

There will be more dogs coming.  I will probably wait till there are four additional ones before I post another time about dogs.  

Enjoy and thanks for looking. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Dog Portraits, Post 3

More Dog Portraits That Melt my Heart 

Don't you just love your dog.  This little white dog is just as sweet looking 
as his photograph.  I love his eyes.  My favorite thing about my dog portrait 
is there innocent little eyes.  

This dog has warm undertones. I happen to know that it is a very nice companion and very loved.   I can't remember what her owner said her breed was, but I know the dog's name is Jenny!  

The Yellow Lab was painted a few days ago.  Loving the XO scarf around it's neck.  Again, a very loved puppy.  Labs are such gentle dogs.  And LOVING. 
I have plans to do some more greyhounds.  I really love the gracefulness of their stride.  (See greyhound top left). 

More Jenny! 

So far I think I have nine dogs finished.  I plan to do as many as I can before starting the next project. If you have a dog that you would like me to paint, message me! I am painting these handsome portraits for Spicher and Co! 

Today I finished the painting that goes with this dog.  

Again, I just love the eyes.  

Thanks for looking.  


PS...My next dog will be this one!  Loving the sweater! 

Friday, February 3, 2017

More Dog Portraits

Hello Shorkie, Bernise Mountain Dog, and Whippet

A little Shorkie named Oscar! 
Well, it's official.  I am doing more dog portraits.  They keep pouring in and I don't even have to decide which dogs to do.  I am just painting them all!  

Yesterday, I finished up this little guy above.  

I also finished this one up yesterday and sort of tweaked it today.  I wanted the coloring to be perfect on this Whippet!  

Meet Gipper!  
This is my friend's dog from Lancaster.  I just had to do him.  If you have never met a Bernise Mountain Dog, well they are huge with a big heart to match.  This is one nice puppy! 

I combed his hair for this picture.  Just kidding.  

Here's the clan!  If you have a dog that you would like me to paint for Spicher and Co's print line, let me know.  These prints will be ready for High Point in April, 2017  

I am going to be doing the following dogs next whenever I get the chance.  I have some appointments coming up next week and a busy schedule, but I shall do my best! 


A pair of dachshunds 
This dog belongs to my friend Rhonda.  I cannot think of her name or breed.  UPDATE next week.  

Can't remember the breed, sorry.  English Bull dog? Jen's dog! 
Well, that is my list for next week.  I will be fortunate if I get to them all.  I have a busy week.  Thanks for looking! 


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dog Portraits for Spicher and Company

Jill and Scout

My sweet little pups. 

Many of you know that I have two dogs.  Early in my life, I would have never thought of myself as a dog person but strange things happen when you have children.  

I have three boys.  One day, my middle boy came home from school and said, "I want a dog."  

"No!"  I said.  "I am not going to have to clean up after dogs going to the BR on my carpeting. " 

He went on to beg.  It was quite a sight.  He went on to tell me that he was praying that I would change my mind.  Oh boy.    That Christmas, he spent all of his money on dog toys, dishes, and beds.   This boy has always had so much faith.  Talk about twisting my heart in a pretzel.  Truthfully, a whole calendar year passed with Billy faithfully praying and me continuing to protest.  One day, he came home from school and said, "Mom, should I stop asking God for a dog."  I felt this little voice inside my heart saying, "You are my hands and feet."  From that point forward, things fell in line, and we were given Jill by a friend who needed someone to take her.  What a gift this dog has been.  I just love her.  

I took off the MY LOVE part.  Her hair is actually more champagne colored but I liked it looking white and clean.  I like clean things.  LOL. 

See you clearly tell that her hair is champagne in coloring.  Don't be upset, it's my painting.  She is such a sweet dog. 

I have another dog, too, that I clean up after.  Her name is Scout.  She is a beagle.  She is a remarkable dog.  She has a huge mouth, a jealous streak, and cries when she doesn't get her way.  She's not as mature as my Girl.  I love her, too, though.  She actually listens.  I mean really listens and obeys.  

This was the reference material that I used to paint her.  Like Jill, it's not exact, but it still captures her personality.  

I see these dog portraits in a double white frame.  (See Below). 

This is one of my Mermaids from
You can't actually tell from the picture, but there is a piece of glass that is floating between the white liner and the actual frame of this print.  I believe the frame is WCWL.  

I have a very dear friend that this very sweet Bernise Mountain Dog belongs to.  His name was Gipper and he just passed away.  When I would go to see my friend, I would always take the time to pet this dog.  He was huge and had a heart to match.  Gipper is my next portrait.  

I have another friend that owns this beautiful Whippet.  This is the most graceful dog you will ever find.  When she runs thru the yard, it's like a ballerina.  She will be after Gipper.  

Check back! 


Monday, January 30, 2017

New Spring Flowers for Spicher and Co

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I have always loved that poem, April Showers.  The problem is that I only know one line of it.  I couldn't really paint the spring flowers around that poem because I don't know what happens to the flowers in June and so forth.  

However, I thought it would be fun to paint a different flower theme for each month of the year.  I have been working on this for about 
2  1/2 weeks now.  I should have posted earlier.  

I spent extra time on this month.  The first version was washed out.  I like how the roses POP!  

May, February, June, from left to right 
I have always loved pink and white flowers.  Throw a bit of yellow in there and I am really starting to want to plant a garden.  I do not have a green thumb.  

October, November, December, again left to right 

I know that most people think summer when they see Hydrangeas, but I happen to think fall.  I have a beautiful friend that gave me the most gorgeous hydrangea bush, every October before we have our first freeze, I go out and cut a bunch of the big heads and bring them inside to dry.  I always think of her and my mother, who also loved hydrangeas.  I think that is what flowers are about.  

Here it is February 2017 and my dried Hydrangea is still beautiful.  I think golden colors in November, hence the Sunflower.  Forgive me, but I just didn't have it in me to paint a pumpkin blossom.  

July, August, September 
I love blue, too, and guess what?  I love red as well.  When you are an artist, you love all the colors of the rainbow! 

The floor has some Spicher and Co Vintage Vinyl! 

I think these are truly refreshing.  They are totally original and I am excited to pick out a frame for them.  They will be available for purchase as prints sometime in April 2017 in time for the High Point Furniture Market!  

Stay tuned for more! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Rufus Porter Style Wall Panel, Post 4 - FINISHED

The final touches 
The "Period Look" lies in the detail 
Check out the Grained Edge! 
I love the idea of graining.  The graining on the edge of my painting has an old world look that is folky and fun. 

The entire painting's edge has been hand-grained and measures in at  36 X 80 inches.  This has transformed my living room. 

While this is some of my more primitive painting in style, it is by far not the easiest.  Working with a six foot panel can be cumbersome but every step of this was fun for me.  

This is probably my favorite section of the panel.  I love how the edges, sides, and the faux crack, front and center, turned out.  The plaster look of this was deliberate.  If you don't know who Rufus Porter was from the 19th century, I encourage you to google him because that is the look that was attempting  to achieve.  


As I said in an earlier post, I included the bright pink/red tone in the flowers (see above) to bring it into the 21st century.  This truly is a one of a kind painting.  It is also the largest that I have done in many years.  

The whimsical trees are free style and suggest a non-academic artist, again the look I was going for. 

The tones are soft yet jewel in color without being garish.  

I think this sets my linen couch off to a T.  The tiger maple graining is complimented by my tiger maple end tables. 

Faux Tiger Maple with a hint of folk. 
I call the black spot/line "FOLKY"
Thanks for looking today.  With all the competition for time these days, I consider it an honor that you would take the time to read my blog and follow the development of this painting 


I am willing to sell this painting even though it is part of my living room.  Message me with information on this.  The shipping will be covered my myself.  I am hoping to sell it locally, smile.