Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sailboat portrait by Pennsylvania Artist Kolene Spicher

My Happy Place 

A portrait of a 19th century Schooner

Inspired by my antique Diorama  

Water that is full of color and light 
Anyone who knows me knows that I love the water.  It makes me happy EVERY TIME.  I love to paint water and sky and boats--anything nautical!! Ahoy!

The Antique Diorama 
About 5 years ago, I purchased this very cool Diorama.  It was actually made by an elderly gentleman from the Baltimore, MD area back in the late 19th century, early 20th.  I loved it.  Everyday, I look at this and think, "Wouldn't that be a smart looking ship painting!"  So here we are, fast forward five years, and it is finished.  Hey, it could've taken 10 years.

On my beautiful mantle and look at that Spicher Vintage Vinyl on the floor! 

The schooner is painted smaller than the frame could accept but I actually liked it the way it was and decided to frame it in a way that accented the beautiful sky and fluffy clouds.  The frame compliments the period in that it is grained.  The finish on the frame is smooth and the gold liner is still intact.  I love it.  
Before the American Flag 
I was going to leave it without the American flag (pictured above)  but like the other nautical pieces that I have painted, I just couldn't stand to not identify what country this came from.  The flag tells the viewer the origin and that is important.

The sky and the water were brightened up some in this picture 
It's hard to know when to stop and so like many of my pieces, I will wait to actually frame it and place it behind glass.  I am forever changing 'finished' stuff.  The number of paintings I paid to have put together only to later tear apart is more than I care to share.

I love the light in the water 

My Happy Place 
Thanks for looking at this and other pieces that I have completed.  I only do one show a year anymore, the rest of my work is wholesale and painted specifically for Spicher and Co.

This and others will be taken to the Wilton Historical Society Show in New England on
November 3-5, 2017.

Check the show out here!


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Large Black Swan Painting by Pennsylvania Artist Kolene Spicher

Wait for me 

Wait for me is a painting about a family going for a ride on a black swan!  Total Whimsey! 

Having had 5 sisters, it wasn't uncommon on a Sunday morning or Friday night to hear, "Wait for me!" 
"I want to come, too!" 

That is what this is about.  I love the big fluffy clouds and bright white Ticket House! 


I decided to paint ME in the picture...again.  It is becoming a new trend!  Maybe not. 

Mom started out as 'sister', but then I  quickly decided she looked more like 'mother'.  I think the little girl, named Sister, looks quite patriotic in her blue dress with red shoes and American flag.  Lots of flags always make me feel free and happy. 

Wait for me! 

You can never have too many ships, I think.  I might even add to this painting after a bit.  I am working on it for Wilton.

The frame you see pictured is an 1850s LEMON GOLD frame, New England. 

Here she is!  She's full of whimsy and fun.  If you live in New England around Wilton,  Connecticut, I am working on this piece and others for a show that is held at the Wilton Historical Society on Friday evening...   This is a fund raiser (the opening night) so the ticket price is a bit more than usual. However, you can come on Saturday and Sunday and it's much less.  Read about it here!


Friday, October 13, 2017

Pennsylvania Artist Kolene Spicher Miniature Nautical Oval in Silver-leafed Handmade Frame

The Whalers 

This is a painting that I am going to donate.  I painted it specifically for the Wilton Historical Society fundraiser that will be held on Friday evening at the historical society in Wilton, CT.  

This is a great event with food and lots of artists!  What more could you ask for?  You 
can have a fun night out and contribute toward the preservation of the Historical Society.  All funds from the auction help this worthy cause continue to exist! I think it's fun thing to do on
a Friday night in New England! 

I had a little bit of trouble with the lighting on this piece and blurriness.  Sorry.  

The frame is handmade in Italy and silver-leafed with beautiful paper on the back.  The frame is very beautiful.  

This picture above gives you an idea of the scale.  It is about 5-inches square (but round).

Check out this show! 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Pennsylvania Artist Kolene Spicher Winter Scene for Wilton, CT Show

Favorite Skating Spot 

On The Creek Next to The Boathouse 

2017 Christmas Card! 
I have been very actively painting now for the upcoming Wilton, CT show at the Wilton Historical Society November 3-5, 2017.  This is a quick view of my snow piece for this show.  See link below. 

I choose a beautiful wide piece of reclaimed wood from a barn in Lancaster County to repurpose into a very nice one-of-a-kind frame.  The elderly gentleman was Amish and took great pride in his workmanship, even signing the frame - smile. 

Loving the little snowman in the back left side.  I love the idea of skating with a campfire and carolers.  It would seem to me that this painting has all the holidays in mind.  

I have the little Christmas Tree on the sled,  and the snowfall is making me think  of the Thanksgiving holiday.  I love a white Thanksgiving. 

And not to be overlooked, the little guy on the sled carrying a holiday pumpkin.  

I have never done this previously, but I decided to identify myself in this painting.  I am the girl in the purple dress up and center! 

I double signed this piece, do you see it!  It was so my Christmas Card had a signature.  I later removed this second signature. 
Finally, here's the piece in its entirety.  I really love the richness of this colors of this.  At this time, this will be my  only snow scene available.  I seem to be having some obstacles getting ready for this show.  All pieces are one of a kind and not mass made in any fashion! MADE IN USA!!! 

Love these striped socks...uhh. 

Check out my upcoming show! Wilton Show Wilton Show

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mermaid Beach Scenes by Kolene Spicher Pennsylvania Artist

Shelling, Eating, Swimming, Fishing, Watching, Strolling 

Things Mermaids Do on the Beach 
All in old Currier and Ives Frames 
I had a mess of old Currier Ives Frames and thought what can I do with these nice old frames? 

I thought to myself MERMAID SCENES! 
Each of these are about things
that one would do on the beach.  Wouldn't 
this be a fun series for your new beach


Each of these were drawn out in pencil.  They 
each contains similar colors and expressions.  

I love the fishing one.  I have never caught a fish on the beach.  This is not because I haven't tried, by the way! Ha. 


I really love the mermaid holding the flowers, too. 

Eating Watermelon on the beach is always fun! 
What do you like to eat on the beach?  Whatever it is, hold it close to your person, as the birds are always watching! 


My favorite thing to do on the beach is walking and looking for shells.  I love to use them in artwork and many times the shells in my art were found on the beach!  I seldom buy them. 

Some of my favorite colors...

I love to swim on the beach, too.  Flying kites is always fun, too.  What is your favorite activity on the beach, maybe it is sunbathing! 

If you want an invite to the Wilton Show that is coming up, let me know!  I am dong this show and have already mailed the flyers out, but I can get more! Wilton Show

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Kolene Spicher Custom Teacup collection for Spicher and Co

Blue and White Teacups 
Spicher and Co 
High Point Market, 2017 

First of all, I apologize in advance for the poor photos you are about to look at.  Just imagine them not blurry, LOL. 
I wanted to post for all my wholesale customers with gift shops or for my designers that buy thru Spicher and Co. 

Each teacup is painted in shades of blue and white.  They are each different and vibrant and pretty in their own way.  

I feel that these could go in a lot of rooms, but think bedroom or maybe kitchen or living room.
I think the pictures speak for themselves.  I really enjoyed painting these and started them awhile ago.  I paint a little here and there till it's finished!  

I think a black frame would be lovely.  
Decorate your home with TEACUPS by Kolene Spicher. 
Available after October, 2017.  

Custom seascape by Pennsylvania Artist Kolene Spicher

My Heart's Always Home 
Day Dawns Beyond the Atlantic Sea! 

Sea Shells are gently applied  beneath glass.
Imagine this, you own the red house in the above picture!  Each morning you watch the tall ships go out somewhere unbeknown to you, what a sight!   Of course my artwork would be hanging in your house along the sea, too.  Stop and think about that!

The Large DioRama was created by an elderly gentleman captain from Maryland around 1880
I really enjoy creating reproductions that blend well with good antiques.  Today I present  Day Dawns Beyond the Atlantic. 

The Shells were collected by myself and found mostly along the Atlantic in New Jersey Specifically.  Finding the shells are 1/2 of the fun.  

I haven't decided if the frame needs any work, but I happen to think that it might be good just as it is! It will need modified, however, to receive the painting with the shells because the shells add a surface that is not entirely flat. The glass would be in the way.  

I spend some time over the summer at the Chesapeake bay and take a lot of photos.  I think this painting sort of reminds me of the bay area.  

I love it hanging with my mermaid seashell painting.  You can read about this at

This painting and the others presented here are part of my collection that will be shown at the Wilton Historical Society's upcoming 2017 show held the first weekend of November 3-5, 2017  

Here's the link!

If you want a card to this show, PM me! 

Kolene Spicher