Thursday, October 23, 2014

Portrait of a boy

Living with American Folk Art 

Charles Wm. Poor 

My very first large painting 
Let's face it, in life you end up with some stuff that you want to keep but don't know where you want to keep it.  You keep shifting it around…This painting is an example of that!   I happened to have a real love for American Folk Art.  I got it honestly, too.  My mother was an avid collector of New England Antiques.  
Back to this portrait~the story goes like this.  In my attempt to make this look really authentic, I distressed the canvas to achieve a 'stretcher mark.'  Well, the customer that had ordered it didn't want the stretcher mark, so I had to paint another.  This was back in the late 80s, early 90s.  This painting is about 25 years old.   

My customer had great taste and had been influenced by a lady that many antiques people still remember today--Nina Fletcher Little.  This portrait (the real deal) was in her collection.  Back then it sold for like $250,000 (that's a guess, maybe it was half that, but it was still a lot of money).  That is why folk art that is reproduction is appealing.  If you want that look, you can have it and for a fraction of the money.  

As I said, this portrait over the years has been moved all over my house.  I never thought to hang it over my bed until just recently when I decided to pick up some new Flannel bedding.  Now I have some new nail holes to add to my others :(  

To me, this just 'works'. 
I really love how the golds pick up the golds in the painting.  To get the photo colors correct, I had to sort of add red which turned my wall cover more purple.  But, you get the idea.  

I think antiques will always go with today's styles.  You just have to be determined to give it a try~you have to be willing to 'live with them.' 

On the left side of the bedroom, I have these two pictures below.  The wall is a little bare, to tell you the truth, but I like how it all looks and goes together. 

Blue Birds (with more of that gold)
I have already blogged about this one. 

This painting was one that was sold to Nantuckeet Country
I like how this looks, especially, in front of the old dresser with the ivory key holes.   The flow blue dishes were bought years ago.  If you look around, you can find them today very underpriced.   Love the stone fruit!  Live with what you love, love what you have (dust it), and give what you can (to the needy).  That way, we all have some cool stuff.  That's my motto!  


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mermaid on a Barrel of Rum

New Frame for this piece! 
A painting for a self-standing frame!

This was one of the few frames that were made with a molding that happened to be too expensive to reproduce.  So in a sense, it was a prototype.  

It is literally 4 1/4" deep 

The below photos below are not the best quality but  they do demonstrate what I mean by 'self-standing' and stands out against the white kitchen countertop.  Look at the picture directly below.  You can see how deep this frame is.  The surface is not shiny but rather a mat shine.

Disregard the line thru the barrel, this is not 'there' in real life! 

I often include a sailor and this painting is no exception!  

That's the mermaid's hair on the left, not mine! 

Pinnacle Award - ASFD - goes to Spicher and Co. for Vintage Vinyl!

Spicher and Co. receives the prestigious Pinnacle Award for  Vintage Vinyl! 

Here is my wonderful husband receiving this award.  He accepted it on behalf of Spicher and Co.  The girls that work for my husband tirelessly printing and managing what you see below have finally been recognized for their INCREDIBLY CREATIVE efforts.  They along with Mark are who have created this beautiful flooring that I think makes my artwork look so much nicer! They are the best! 

The multicolored layers of flooring pictured here is what we call VINTAGE VINYL 

Here are some shots of the flooring but the resolution is not that great,  and I am sorry ! ! 

I have include the next picture because the resolution is so much better.  Please look at the floor, though!

Check out the drama of this VINTAGE Vinyl! 

Check out Spicher and Co. on Facebook!  Contact them if you are interested in this Vintage Vinyl! It's waterproof making it great for a kitchen or an eating area or an enclosed porch!  Cleans up wonderfully easy! 


High Point Trade Show - Stage Lights!

A Wall of Stage Lights! 
Great for a loft or media area or metropolitan apartment 
I THINK these are super cool.  I am not going to lie, these are my favorite new Spicher and Co. print series.  

Maybe I am hoping to one day live in a loft style home with big windows overlooking a city-IDK, but for some reason, I am in love with stage lighting.  This was is at the entrance of our showroom in North Carolina's Highpoint Furniture Market show!  

The drama that is created by this wall is hard to capture on camera.  These are strong pieces and would look really spectacular in a large area where a family or person just wants to 'hang out' and play pool, watch the game, or have some fun.  

You could hang these over a couch or in an entry way or simply behind a self-standing TV.  Think out of the box!!  

Watch for more showroom pictures! 


High Point Trade Show - Wall of Ships

Wall of Ships 

Some pictures of Spicher and Co's Show Room - High Point, NC 

This is one of my favorite walls

I just arrived back home from our trade show in High Point, NC.  It was a great trip and a really good show.  I thought that I would give you a glimpse into our show room there.  The above pictures features a wall of some of my ship paintings that I have sold over the years.  

Recently, we had the ship paintings RESIZED.  This simply means that we enlarged and or shrank them in  size to accommodate the SAME SIZED FRAME for each print.  This was long overdue and I am so happy that we did it! It created a lot of effect! 

Bottom Portion 

Top Portion 
Why did I bother to resize, you may wonder.  Simply for ease of hanging.  If you are bring to decorate a large wall with many pictures, it is so much easier to hang the prints if they are all the same size.  Plus it brings so much drama and effect!  
A close up! 

Love the green water with the stormy sky! 
I love how all the colors of the water just meld with one another from print to print.  You could easily do a WHOLE wall of these (if you loved impact).  It would be incredible.  If you are interested in these prints, please contact me or Spicher and Co., and I will set you up with an outlet in your area.  

Also, if you love the real deal,  check with me because I may have an original painting around my studio.  I am painting all the time and have some inventory! 

Enjoy and watch for more market pictures! 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cape Cod - Cottage Style home

A Summer Home on Cape Cod

I really love that I have this person in my life that has expressed such an interest and enthusiasm in my artwork.  Not only does she forward all kinds of room settings that she finds that has my artwork
on the walls, but she also has taken the time to share with me (and YOU) her 
personal home on the cape. I love everything about this home from the 
proportions of the windows and the flag that proudly hangs at the door, to her gardener who
meticulously takes care of the outside! 

Look at the sweet pillow with the bouquet embroidery! 
The whale that hangs over the bed was one of my paintings, actually it is a print.  You can buy this through Spicher and Co.   We will gladly put you in touch with a vendor in your neighborhood.  If there is no one nearby that carries my artwork, then we will find another way!

One thing that I like to talk about when it comes to decorating with artwork is that you need to feel free to put things together that you love.  If you love blue or red and checkered patterns, then do it.  Hang a painting that compliments the blue and stick to a subject matter that you love when it comes to the artwork.  Artwork is suppose to make you feel good and pull you into a world that you otherwise may not be privy to.  

The common thread in this above picture is the blue.  But look at it closely.  The blue is subtly worked into every aspect down to the tiny blue flowers that are on the coverlet and the bedskirts.  The checks are JUST OVER THE TOP.  I wouldn't have thought to put this together and I am so impressed.  The geometric pattern pulls (automatically) with the Canton bedside light.  The blue color just ties the knot! Even the rich tones of the bed naturally compliment the blue and the scroll work reminds me of the water--hence the whaling scene.  LOVE THIS ROOM!
Of course everything about this picture can be just a big DITTO from what was said above.  The antique beds and the soft yellow wall are very cottage-like.  She has really thought of everything.  From the top of the bed with the nautical ship prints to the bench at the foot of the bed~I love it all!   The quilts are the anchor in this picture and nicely tie in with the floorcloth between the beds.  Can you see how this works?  Both in color and geometric shapes, pulling this room together with the things that you love can be done by adding a few simple likenesses.  

For instance, she added some more of that same blue.   Even the lampshade with its floral pattern help to pull together the upstairs and tie one bedroom with the next.  One thing that I didn't say about each of these pictures is how much I love the black hardware on the doors.  The white trim and wainscoting is perfect for this New England home.

Her gardener again at work!! 
I would love to have a home on the Cape but to coin a phrase of one of my dear friends, "I should have been born rich instead of beautiful." LOL.  

Last year I painted a New England house for the gallery I sell to on Nantucket.  This house has the quaintness that I love to illustrate.  I loved this painting and frame and thought that it would be a neat tie-in to this entry.  The criss-cross frame would look really lovely with either bedroom.   

The bedding really adds a lot to each room.  I hate to say it but you need it all.  You have to have the bedding and the artwork and the neat beds and for heaven's sake, get the wall color correct! LOL.  Each thing by itself is not as special as when it is all put together.  You just have to know where to buy the stuff.  

Nantucket Country is a good source for antique quilts (and my artwork)--just saying. Google it! 

I blogged about this painting last year, too. 
Kolene Spicher 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Winter Scene for Nantucket Country

The Winter Solstice 

MOONLIGHT Over New Fallen Snow

It was a moonlit night and the air was cold and thin.   The evening was alive with the sounds of children playing in the new fallen snow.  Some of the kids were on the pond skating and laughing in the moonlight, as if they hadn't a care in the world...  The day was over before it even began or so it seemed, for it was the winter solstice.  The shortest day of the year!  It had come and now was quickly going as the moments ticked by and this painter quickly captured the moment.  If only I could paint the smell of the pine and the freshness that is felt in the air.  If only I could catch on paper the sounds of joy and innocence as the children played.  The air felt slightly damp but fresh,  it was almost as if the snow had cleaned the sky.  The night was as clear as I have ever remembered.  The air was so crisp with cold that this painter almost went inside.  These were the good years when people were entertained by what was free.  These are my memories but only much romanticized.
Blurry but sweet.
I really loved this painting.  One of my favorite childhood things to do beside playing dolls was playing outside in the snow.  I loved playing in the leaves, too (and the mud-lol).  I wish this picture was clearer but I broke one of my own rules, I shipped it to a customer without taking good pictures.

I suppose there is a scan somewhere at Spicher and Co., but who wants to wait for that?!!

I love the moon peaking thru the trees.  Painting moons is a new thing for me to do.  I don't know why, but all of the sudden I am interested in the moon.  I think I put a moon in about a half a dozen paintings this last year.  I am going to see if I can find them to show you.
Another BLURRY picture 
Part of what makes this painting sweet are the little people that are busy doing what they are doing.  We have the skaters, the snowman makers, and the worker.  There is always a worker.  I often include a laborer in each of my paintings, maybe because that is what we Spichers do best…work.

I hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse of this painting and hearing about what I was thinking as I painted it.  

This was just shipped to Nantucket Country, Nantucket MA.  I feel certain that she has it in her store and on her website if you are interested in buying it.  Just google NANTUCKET COUNTRY.   I have this painting featured in a 1880s deep walnut frame with a gold liner.  It is painted on paper and behind glass.  It is a one-of-a-kind original done with love!