Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Blue "Toile Like" Kitchen Herbs in vintage metal frame!

Lavender and Mint in the blue and white style! 

Shabby chic Vintage metal Frame

I placed the mint and lavender in a vintage metal frame and painted it with chalk paint 
I had some vintage frames laying around and thought it would be fun to play around with some chalk paint and wax.  The freestyle technique was inspired by a piece of vintage toile styled fabric. I love blue and white!

I have whole pile of miscelaneous herb paintings and a stack of very cool frames that will go well with them. 

I have them for sale on my etsy store.  Here's the link! 
I have the backs very nicely finished on these, which takes a good bit of time, but well worth it! 

Both have the same type of paper. 
I have always been an advocate of layering artwork or placing it behind something, like dishes! 

Add captihttps://www.etsy.com/listing/241930769/kolene-spicher-blue-toile-styled-mint?ref=listing-shop-header-1on

I love blue.  I am also fond of blue books.  I don't always read them but if they have pictures in them, all the better! 

I have a total of 11 or 12 of these Herb paintings!  
They were not hard to do and are priced to sell!  It's a way to jump in and start collecting my creations.  


Check it out on ETSY Kolenespicher! 
Enjoy and thanks for looking today! 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Miniature Ship Painting

The American Way 


For A bookshelf or a dresser top!  This piece is currently available on ETSY at KOLENESPICHER's store! 
I have a lot of fun doing what I like.  Each day, I paint with love… 

This little painting would be a nice addition to your nautical collection.  If you have other pieces of mine, I would include this nearby! I like to place small originals on a bookshelf or a tabletop.  

Different lighting
The Italian frame is beautiful.  I love silver leaf.  The back also is equally gorgeous.

Here it is outside the frame before I put it together 

I love the paper!  
Thanks for looking.  If you are interested in my originals, I will be at a show in Philly area in mid September.  Here is some information on that show! 

I have some free tickets!  Facebook message me with details!  


Kolene Spicher Original one-of-a-kind Whaling Painting

Thar' She blows 

Acrylic Nautical Painting on Paper 

Retrieved Wall Paper Technique "Tattoo Style"  

Titled Thar' She blows!
Sperm Oil for sale here!!! 
I am having a lot of fun painting this series.  Thar' She Blows is the second painting that has been finished and is part of my new "Tattoo art" group.  The first entry was of a ship.  I posted it about a week ago.  

Minus the Glare, I LOVE this shot.  
Some of the things that make me think "Tattoo" are the heavy black lines and the opaque coloring.   Somehow, I feel these old sailors would have been speckled with tattoo art.  Anchors, flags, mermaids, etc.  
This is supposed to have the feel of an old Trade Advertisement. 
I have always had a fondness for the sailor and his lifestyle…  He certainly looks patriotic with the American eagle and criss-crossed flags! 

Happy Times! 
Here's a shot of the painting in its entirety, and you can see the other Tattoo Ship painting that I referred to earlier!  
I love Gold Leafed frames

Thanks for looking today.  This and others will be taken to my show in September!  Here's the information on that show.  I have some tickets.  If you are in the greater Philly/New Jersey area and would enjoy some complimentary tickets, private message me.  You can like me of Facebook, too.  I manage a page titled KOLENE SPICHER.  


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Kolene Spicher Angel Mermaid

She Finally Got her Wings! 

Original Acrylic Painting on Paper 

Title in lower right corner. 

New Frame
When it comes time to name these mermaids, I just seem to get an idea while painting them and I seldom get 'stuck'.   I don't start the painting with any solid direction.  I just know that I want to paint something MERMAID, and the title just comes to me.  I thought this was sort of funny and very "It's a wonderful life" like.  

I am running out of places to place these paintings (as far as taking photographs) I want the viewer to imagine the painting in their own environment.  I just love how the colors look with the seashells.  I love being able to just paint, too, with no solid direction.   

I like the crown. 

My signature ship is in the background like so many of my mermaid paintings.  

I think her etherial looking face is so pretty.

I also enjoyed painting the ocean with the suggestion of deep waves.  The color is a cold blue and it is a wonderful contrast to her warm tail and top color.  

Thanks for looking! 


This painting will be added to my Doylestown Show inventory in September.  If you are interested in this show, please message me thru Facebook for complimentary tickets. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Child Mermaid

The Little Pearl on Cape Cod 

A likeness without being a 'copy'
Whenever I do a custom piece, I strive for a likeness without being a direct 'copy'.  I figure, if you want a photo, you'll pay a photographer…ha.  I really admire people that can paint photo realistic, though, it's a gift for sure.  

I wasn't sure if the owner of this little angel would want her picture on the web, so I made it very small.   
I love how the water and sky are the colors of shells.  
I really gravitate to the same colors.  This year, it is my goal to introduce some new fresh colors that I want to highlight.  For me, the ribbon color has a freshness that is very current.   

The orange is also carried up into the wave.  
I like to carry color (a little bit) all over the painting.  I think it makes your eye travel subconsciously over the entire piece.  The technique for this painting is my "Retrieved Wallpaper" technique. I talk about this style in other posts. 

In this shot you get a glimpse of her oyster shell tail. 
I wanted the painting theme to be about oysters.  She's the pearl!  The customer lives on the Cape. 
Here is the painting under another painting I am working on! 
I haven't blogged about the one on the top yet.  She is an ANGEL  mermaid.  Although, the two are not related to each other and the bottom one is sold, the top one shows how the colors blend with my other work.  I think this is very important.  I will be placing the top one in my show inventory. 

The ribbon brings out the orange in the frame. 
When I was selecting the ribbon color, I decided to go with something that would blend well with the frame.  

Drift wood box! 
Finally, here's an outside shot of this painting.  You can really see how it looks in natural lighting.  The frame is outstanding and is from the turn of the century, late 1800s.  Thanks for looking! 


PS- Don't forget the show that I am painting for currently.  Let me know if you live nearby and would like tickets! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kolene Spicher Antique Style Trade Ship painting in Gold Leafed Mirror Fair Trade for these United States

Pen and Ink Trade Ship

Fair Trade For These United States

"Tattoo Art"  

Right Side Close up! 
Up Close 
I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU CALL THIS STYLE…Crazy.  I was having a bit of fun today painting trying some new things and WALA

The first thing I did was craze the paper.  This is always an unpredictable thing to do to paper.  I am never sure how it will turn out.  But you know, I really like it.  

It has a sort of TRADER JOE's feel to it.  

The little ding on the right middle doesn't detract.  You don't notice it.  
I have been in love with gold ever since I fell in love with Restoration Hardware.  I love their wall of antique gold frames that hang in their flagship store in NYC.  I painted my walls grey in my living room because I LOVE IT that much!   I just can't seem to keep myself from buying every gold frame I find.  Back to the painting.

I've always been a fan of anything that has to do with a trophy.  Maybe it's because I never won one!!  I love the idea of all the competition and racing and sportsmanship that enter in to receiving a trophy.  I think they look really good in front of artwork, too, BTW. 

Look at the details of this frame. 

Here's another shot - different location.

This painting is intended for my Bedminster Show in September.

If you can make this show and would like to have tickets, let me know!  I am happy to get some for you and a friend to enjoy!  

Thanks for looking! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Harbor Mermaid

Providing Safe Harbor 

When the Night loses its light, I am there

This painting was executed on paper using Acrylic paint in two techniques.  Watercolor
and dry brush. 

Although this photograph makes her face appear a bit dark, I wanted to include it so you could see how sweet she turned out.  See below for the true rendition
She's like an ANGEL with her little etherial looking face. 
I love a good story.  This mermaid has it with the lighthouse, the silhouetted ship, the darkness, the light, etc.  She is for sale, but not now.  I have to start painting for my show in September or I am going to be in trouble.  I will be forced to show up with all prints.  Cry. 

When the Night loses its light, I am there. 
I wanted her to glow, and she does.  Just like that lamp at her tail, she puts off light!  I love light.  This painting is actually the moon scene (background) that I painted a few months ago.  I had kept that particular painting, knowing that I would morph it into something else.  I wasn't sure what, though.  

Providing safe harbor (written in the water). 
I love the way the black frame and the gold liner pull the light and contrast the darkness that tries to overtake the night (of this painting).  Isn't it so cool that we have a moon and stars that give us light.  No darkness can overtake light, even a little candle is enough to outshine darkness.  

I love the silhouette ship and lighthouse! 
Enjoy and thanks for looking! 

By the way, this is the show I am painting for if you want to come!  I have free tickets to hand out!
Just give me a holler!