Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kolene Spicher Bumble Bee prints

Things that go BuZZZZ
I have two of these Buzzing things to discuss.

Back in 2008, I painted a fun series about bugs.  My favorite bug (if there is such a thing) is the bumble bee.  I guess this is because I love honey.  
Set it on a table or hang it!
I stumbled across a few bumble bee prints in a box from a tradeshow.  It's been a while since I blogged about Spicher and Co. prints, and so I thought this was a good series to talk about.  
I love the way these look in my kitchen.  

I think that these would look sweet in a laundry room or a power room, too.  Think SUMMER!  

I really like the red/black rubbed frame
These are what I would call medium-sized prints.  I have a few available on my ETSY KOLENESPICHER store that are seconds.  If you would like 'perfect' go to  

Check out the Spicher and Co. Vintage Vinyl on the floor.  This is for my puppy's water! 

Custom Mermaid Painting - Treasures of the Sea - Post 4 - (The final Corrections)

South Carolina Mermaids finished! 

New and improved tail colors! 
After painting the original painting (look back a few days to post 2), I had to do a few edits.  Well, it was more than a few but worth it!  

Yellow/greenish tail belongs to a Chiropractor, hence the bones with "No Curved Tails" 
Some of the things that will make this painting special to these people are not only the similarities of the mermaids to their daughters, but also the inclusion of the dogs, bones, and scales--all of which speak of what these sea girls love and do.  

This one is a lawyer who loves pink.  I didn't want to go crazy with the pink because it doesn't keep with my style--typically.  Some of my more modern artwork at would accommodate the pink look.  I happen to love pink, too…well maybe I will start including it more :) I do like the pink highlights! 
I think that these girls are so pretty.  You should see the photo of them! 
My favorite people, sailors! 
Most of my mermaids include sailors.  No exception here! 

No Curved tails, only well adjusted! Speaking of well-adjusted, look at these dogs! So cute. 
I think painting and illustrating must evoke an emotion.  This painting really pulls that off.  I look forward to maybe have photos of the room setting after Treasures of the Sea painting is installed!  Thanks for looking.  Here it is all framed! 

Treasures of the Sea by Kolene Spicher 


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Show House Installation of Equestrian Show Horses and hunting animals by Kolene Spicher-Part 2

Vintage Vinyl Floor Cloth Photos 

The floor covering is one of our Vintage Vinyl pieces created exclusively by
Spicher and Co! 

Here's another shot looking the other direction!  DedeRothman Designs! She rocks!
In case you are interested in using her design services, she is located around the greater Harrisburg, PA area.  Here is her card! 

Thanks for looking.  If you are interest in this Harrisburg Symphony Show House, go to

For more information on this, check out a few days ago's entry


Custom Mermaid Painting - Treasures of the Sea - Post 3

Making Changes to Custom Mermaid 


This is where I stopped YESTERDAY
Here is where I start today.  I know it looks like a lot of work but it is a custom job.  Anytime you have something ART DIRECTED,  you are bound to have changes.  I should have asked more questions, haha.  

These are the steps to fixing this painting.  First, take a picture of the mistakes and then use a dark marker and make the corrections.  I DON'T TRY TO MAKE PENCIL LINES ON THE ORIGINAL.  

BTW, I want the lawyer to be holding the scales (she's on the right). 

I will take photos as I go, so tune back!  


Monday, May 18, 2015

Custom Mermaid Painting - Treasure of the Sea - Post 2

Treasure of the Sea 
Frame has a strong mint cast that makes the Sea Puppies stand out! 
It's been a while since I have had the chance to post.  Please don't think I am not working!  I am busy working a little each day on these lovelies!  
The colors are coming across a little deeper than the original. 
I had a few glitches trying to photograph this.  I took it outside and brought it in, trying to get the colors correct.  Let's just say it's close and leave it at that. 
This is a good one because it shows the mint frame against white.  
Nothing is set in stone with this painting.  I have NOT varnished it.  I am waiting on the customer to see if she wants to change anything….including the frame color. 
Here it is with some of my KEEPERS.  (But, Not the ship in the gold to my left~I am waiting on antique glass)
You can see, the colors all meld, which is always my goal.  That way (if I am fortunate), I can sell multiple paintings to the same customer and have a flowing that is truly "Kolene Spicher." 
Another OUTSIDE shot. 
I love the little dogs.  The dog on the right goes with the girl on the right, and the same for the dog on the left.  The Little White Dog has an "Anchor" around his neck…so sweet. Hey, maybe I should manufacture dog anchor collars! 
Painting wouldn't be complete without my sailor MEN.  
I usually do similar backgrounds on my mermaids.  Let's just say it's become my 'trademark'.  
Love the coral bouquet! 
There are so many little details about this painting!  I really love it.  The SCRIPT in the ocean says it all! Nothing is quite like THE TREASURES OF THE SEA. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Custom Mermaid Painting - Treasure of the sea! - Post No. 1

Sea Treasures 
I love the complexity of this Cottage style frame 
Today, I have started a new custom mermaid painting.  It's actually going to be a double mermaid painting. This painting is about the treasures found in the sea.  It will include (along with the mermaids) dogs, shells, ships, sailors--everything that we love.  Everything that holds mystery…even the sea itself will "pop" in this painting.   

When I paint, I like to draw the viewer into the painting.  To do this, it has to be about something.  The real treasures in life are the people and the animals that are placed in our care for a short time…  
This was drawn very fast, but this is the composition.  
 I want the mermaids to have some sailor friends in the background.  One standing and one sitting, it keeps things interesting! However, the painting is definitely NOT about the sailors.  It is about the dogs and the mermaids.

So ADORABLE~Both of them! 
My idea is that the big shell will hold the dogs.  The two mermaids are actually two sisters.  The "mom" of these beauties wanted them on the beach with shells, etc.  It thought it would be so cute to have the dogs, too.  

Picking the frame is always a challenge.  We decided that we wanted to go with a cottage style.  The frame is really complex.  There are a lot of tones that are under the surface that make it beautiful.  

I am definitely going to be including the warm sand.  It contrasts the frame quite nicely.  

I had this old mermaid print laying around; it is actually too small for this frame.  I thought it would be fun to throw it behind the frame just to see… I like it.  The only thing that I intend to do is go MUCH lighter blue with the water.  

I like these color tones.  
I love the blues here.  

And here...
I am going to include a ship or a sailboat, too.  I am not sure which! This was taken
on the Chesapeake Bay. 
Thanks so much for looking.  I appreciate your time! Check back soon for more updates.  I am going to begin the tedious task of drawing the mermaids very soon.  


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Show House Installation of Equestrian Show Horses and hunting animals by Kolene Spicher-Part 1

Charming Mud Room 

Stone wall in a Pennsylvania Farmstead,
York County
I have always had a fascination with stone houses and anything equestrian.  When I had the opportunity to help decorator friend Dede Rothman, I jumped on it.  we have had so much fun filling this laundry/mudroom with amenities.  Dede was full of fun ideas to hang the art, some of which I intend to do again.
The leather straps add a touch of equestrian and at the same time preserve the beautiful stone wall. 
I loved the used of patterns that were present in the room.  It had a cowboy/hunting/equestrian feel.  It's almost as if this Mudroom was where the "Guys" hung out!  The beautiful handmade tiles were complimented by her choice of mint green trim paint. The prints are by Kolene Spicher for Spicher and Co.
Love the saddle and pussy willows! 
Every part of the room was designed to pull you in.  Even the color of the washer and dryer was unique and truly beautiful.
Spicher and Co. signage! 
There was a Vintage Vinyl floor cloth, too,  on the floor.  This was also by Spicher and Co.
Look at the patterns and how the colors just blend wonderfully with the artwork and the walls and the trim.  

These two hunting prints were just casually leaned up against the window.  I am a huge advocate of layering.  It really is a great way to add depth to your room and interest.  

I know you have seen this sign, but I wanted you to also see how fantastic this door was.  Don't we all want a mud/laundry room like this?? 

Thanks for looking!