Saturday, August 29, 2015

Tattoo Whaling Artwork

Worthy Whalers Wanted

Tattoo Art! 

The story of Capt. Paddock

This is another addition to my Tattoo art.  
In case you are wondering…Why do I call this Tattoo art??  Well it has to do with the bold black lines.  I have often been fascinated with tattoos.  I am scared to get one, but that doesn't mean that I don't consider it an art form.  I think that a lot of the tattoo artwork is beautiful and sort of historic.  There is no way to preserve them, obviously, but we can take pictures and paint in their likeness.  

This painting is about the whaling trade.  I have been working on this for some time and keep making changes to it.  I am confidently posting today because I feel "It is finished".  I could add to it because nothing in life is perfect, but I am satisfied (for today that is) that it is done!! 

"If you can't see, don't apply" 
This goes without saying, these guys had to be able to see.  I think having glasses would be a detriment.  What would you do if you lost them while at sea?  You needed to be able to climb up tall masts and not worry about your glasses falling off of your face!!  You needed to be able to see whales from afar, Hence, "Thar she blows."  

The left  flag says, "Making history ONE DAY AT A TIIME."  
I really love this panel.  This was one of my recent and final changes to this painting.  I had painted a map of Cape Cod here which I boldly painted out.  I decided that I didn't want a map on this painting.  Smile.  

This frame's finish isn't perfect but its attractive and reminds me of a sign, which is why I chose it.
I also love my drape, it is a classic KOLENE when you see that drape!!

I love the whale at the bottom.  It looks happy.  Don't we all need to focus on the happy times in our lives??  I really think that where our minds go, so goes our disposition--Happy mind, happy life!!! haha! 
There is a lot of work in this and it was painted on canvas!

In case you are wondering who 'Capt. Paddock' is…well let me tell you! He was from New England, probably Cape Cod area. 

Capt. Paddock sailed the Nantucket area in the early 1800s.  This happens to be a true story, too.  He threw a very sharp spear into a whale.  Although, the whale was wounded, he was not mortally so and disappeared with his spear. Fifteen years later, he would throw another spear into a whale only to discover that this whale still had lodged inside his big body the very spear he lost 15 years earlier.  It was in fact, the very same whale, speared by the very same man!  

I hope you enjoy this painting.  This and all the others recently uploaded are for my Doylestown, PA Bedminster Art show.  It's only two weekends away!  Let me know if you want a ticket.  I might have three left.  


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mermaid Winter Scene

The Presents 
It is better to Give than to Receive
In The spirit of giving… 
I always have a great time painting these winter scenes.  In many ways, winter is my favorite time of the year.  I just love Christmas.  

Things that stand out to me are as follows!
Love the bright colors! 
These little figures are not very big, and I painted as much detail in as was possible for me.  I like the idea of being 'together' with people that I love.  I love horses and riding in a sleigh.  To me this says "HOLIDAY" and Christmas!! 
The idea is that they are traveling to see a MERMAID SHOW! Fun. 
Let's not forget those in need.  For so many of us, Christmas may not be a time where gifts and money abound.  I really liked the message of giving to those in need.  Check out the red bucket's message.  

To be candid, I took that "Alms for the Poor" message from Robin Hood.  Ha.  My boys LOVE that story. 

I am working on this and a LOT of other paintings for my upcoming show in Doylestown, PA.  It is called the Bedminster Show and is held at Delaware Valley College.  Here's the information: 


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tattoo Art - Patriotic Commerce and Trade Advertisement Painting by Kolene Spicher

Commerce and Trade 

Closeup of Eagle 
I don't know why, but I am very interested in RED, WHITE, and Blue.  I love the patriotic look.  I think it is very 'current' and FUN!

This is more of my "retrieved" wallpaper type art.  In case you don't remember, this is a technique that I created whereby the paper is crackled and looks like it was 'peeled' off of a wall, possibly!  I love the rich colors and the bright red banner that is across the bottom of this painting.

The artwork is chalk full of little sayings that are pointing the buyer to buy HERE.  Let's keep the money in the USA and that's my goal.  Whenever possible, I buy handmade American products.  I love to help an artist out.  This keeps the creative people creating!

I really liked the lightness of the water area.  This would be lost if I were to fill it in with another boat or fish or whale, etc.
Here is painting laying on top of the beautiful  antique frame; it is in wonderful condition!  

This painting and all that I have posted of late are for my Bedminster Show in Doylestown PA.  Take a look at the flyer below.  As mentioned before, message me if you want a ticket.  I have some to hand out!  They are going out this week! 

Let me know if you would like tickets for this, it is a very high quality Art Show!


Friday, August 7, 2015

Patriotic Portrait of a Transformed Boy

God bless America, Land that I love 

I have a good friend that sometimes helps me, I actually have a few of them, LOL.  I am in the process of preparing for a show in September 2015.  It's in Doylestown, PA and it's called the Bedminster show.  I have tickets that I am giving away to this wonderful show, private message me if you are interested.  

I was going thru some of my inventory and found this boy.  I had painted him a good while ago and no matter what I did to him, HE JUST WOULDN'T SELL!  

This is out of proportion due to the angle that it was photographed
but you get the idea.  I wouldn't say it was ugly but… 

So I asked my trusted friend what she thought, and she said (to my delight), "Why not add a flag instead of the bird."  Boy with a bird, hmm.  I think she might be right. LOL 

Coming up with a name for this was really easy for me.  It just came to me…God Bless America, Land that I love.  I went online to find the words to that song and found the Celine Dion song that is pasted just below on youtube...  Make sure you listen to this.  IT IS AMAZING.  Here's the link:

I also have a picture without the glass so that you can really see the details and the freshness of this.  

I can honestly say that I LOVE THIS. 

I am really in love with America.  I am so glad that I live in this free country.  I was touched by this saying that I read today:  Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction.  It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people.  Those who have known freedom, and then lost it, have never known it again…
--Ronald Reagan

I obviously have a thing for nautical.  Ships were often times put in the background of antique artwork so that the viewer would associate the subject matter with the sea captain.  That was my goal as well! 

Thanks for looking! 


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Blue "Toile Like" Kitchen Herbs in vintage metal frame!

Lavender and Mint in the blue and white style! 

Shabby chic Vintage metal Frame

I placed the mint and lavender in a vintage metal frame and painted it with chalk paint 
I had some vintage frames laying around and thought it would be fun to play around with some chalk paint and wax.  The freestyle technique was inspired by a piece of vintage toile styled fabric. I love blue and white!

I have whole pile of miscelaneous herb paintings and a stack of very cool frames that will go well with them.

I have them for sale on my etsy store.  Here's the link! 
I have the backs very nicely finished on these, which takes a good bit of time, but well worth it! 

Both have the same type of paper. 
I have always been an advocate of layering artwork or placing it behind something, like dishes! 

Add capti

I love blue.  I am also fond of blue books.  I don't always read them but if they have pictures in them, all the better! 

I have a total of 11 or 12 of these Herb paintings!  
They were not hard to do and are priced to sell!  It's a way to jump in and start collecting my creations.

Check it out on ETSY Kolenespicher! 
Enjoy and thanks for looking today! 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Miniature Ship Painting

The American Way

For A bookshelf or a dresser top!  This piece is currently available on ETSY at KOLENESPICHER's store! 
I have a lot of fun doing what I like.  Each day, I paint with love… 

This little painting would be a nice addition to your nautical collection.  If you have other pieces of mine, I would include this nearby! I like to place small originals on a bookshelf or a tabletop.  

Different lighting
The Italian frame is beautiful.  I love silver leaf.  The back also is equally gorgeous.

Here it is outside the frame before I put it together 

I love the paper!  
Thanks for looking.  If you are interested in my originals, I will be at a show in Philly area in mid September.  Here is some information on that show! 

I have some free tickets!  Facebook message me with details!  


Kolene Spicher Original one-of-a-kind Whaling Painting

Thar' She blows 

Acrylic Nautical Painting on Paper 

Retrieved Wall Paper Technique "Tattoo Style"  

Titled Thar' She blows!
Sperm Oil for sale here!!! 
I am having a lot of fun painting this series.  Thar' She Blows is the second painting that has been finished and is part of my new "Tattoo art" group.  The first entry was of a ship.  I posted it about a week ago.

Minus the Glare, I LOVE this shot.  
Some of the things that make me think "Tattoo" are the heavy black lines and the opaque coloring.   Somehow, I feel these old sailors would have been speckled with tattoo art.  Anchors, flags, mermaids, etc.
This is supposed to have the feel of an old Trade Advertisement. 
I have always had a fondness for the sailor and his lifestyle…  He certainly looks patriotic with the American eagle and criss-crossed flags! 

Happy Times! 
Here's a shot of the painting in its entirety, and you can see the other Tattoo Ship painting that I referred to earlier!
I love Gold Leafed frames

Thanks for looking today.  This and others will be taken to my show in September!  Here's the information on that show.  I have some tickets.  If you are in the greater Philly/New Jersey area and would enjoy some complimentary tickets, private message me.  You can like me of Facebook, too.  I manage a page titled KOLENE SPICHER.