Friday, September 19, 2014

Primitive Country Landscape painted by me 20+ years ago

Fun in the Hay 

See this for sale on ETSY: KoleneSpicher ~

Having Fun in the Hay! 
This is an OLDIE but sweet one.  I painted this back in 1989-90 and it was the very first LARGE landscape that I had ever printed Lithograph style.  I don't believe that they are available any longer at Spicher and Co.  It is very primitive.  It is very Early Kolene, too! 
Love the guy asleep in the Hay 
I was fascinated back then with farmwife.  My husband's family was from western PA and they had a milking farm.  We would go there quite regularly and literally jump 15 feet off of a hay loft onto a pile of hay below that was about 10' wide.  That was back when I had no reservations about anything.  It was pre-lemons, when everything was fun and there weren't sour circumstances or any issues with anything (health).  Life is still so good, and I am thankful~so very thankful.  I still have some tough hiccups but  have learned to embrace them and turn them into "fun in the hay."

One cool thing ~ this print came from my husband's grandmother's home.  It is in virtually perfect condition, and surprisingly, it is an artist proof.  We gave it to them 20 years ago as a gift.  She needed to move and so I re-acquired this print and it is now for sale on ETSY. 

I love this little guy asleep, too and the little dog with his raised paw.  I love the primitive style of the horses.  

One thing that I might have done differently…I would have used a ruler to go around the print so that it was plum and straight.  There's a pencil line, too,  that was used to separate the print from the white and this is a little problematic for my eye.  It is not very straight.  But, alas, I was learning.  Pencil lines were never ever plum for me.  My dad was a carpenter and he loved to point out my crooked lines…SMACK! JK

HERE is where I came up with the title "Fun in the Hay" because these little guys are def having some fun.  You know what, so are the people resting.  Resting is fun!  Take care and thanks for looking at this!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

More Bedminster/Doylestown,PA show Paintings-Portraits and a ship!

This is the grand FINALE! 

Painting Called "Flying Circus" 
This was a fun painting to do.  To be honest with you, it was one that I had 1/2 finished a while back and framed (just to get it out of the way) to keep it from getting bent.  I always intended to tear it apart one day and that day had come!  (Unless someone wanted it in its current unfinished state, which we all know is unlikely).   I tore it apart yesterday and added all the finishing touches.  Having to get up at 4:30 AM to finish it, though, wasn't my ideal choice.  But you know what, I actually enjoyed it now that I am thinking about it.  The house was quiet in anticipation of all that "pre-school drama looking for sneakers, book bags, and lunches" as the kids catch the bus FLYING OUT THE DOOR! 


The next painting that I am taking to the show is of a little girl outside.  She is in a very fancy frame and is really sweet.

Love the bird and all birds
More shots of this painting! Now one thing to keep in mind, it is 4:30ish in the morning and this painting should be photographed outside to get all the nuances.  The frame is really perfect in condition.

Remember this guy? 

Well, I decided to reframe him because I found a frame that fits him perfectly.  I love that word but you know nothing is never ever perfect.  There could always be improvements and a better frame out there, but this is the one that I came up with for the show! 

The folds are deliberate

If you can, stop by the show and see all the wonderful works of art that have been created just for this event~THIS WEEKEND IN DOYLESTOWN, PA!!!

Here is a link with directions to the show and show times!!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mermaids and Such ~ Bedminster Show in Doylestown Pa, Sept. 20-21, 2014

Mermaids on Cape Cod 

Love this frame and love this painting!  This will be one of my premier pieces that I will show this next weekend! 
Titled, "No After Dark Frolicking" 
What can I say, another mermaid scene.  My show wouldn't be complete without one, either.  So I had to do two.

Sweet Summer Breeze, Moonlight on Cape Cod 
This is a play on the last sentence of  "Moonlight in Vermont".  I kept thinking about that song as I painted it and so I decided to look up the lyrics.  The last sentence was perfect!  I exchanged Cape Cod for Vermont!

MERMAID on a Barrel of RUM 

Remember this one?  I decided that it had to be reframed.  This is a shadow box type frame and is one of a kind-almost. 

You have to see it to understand how neat the frame is.

Here's a shot from the side! 
The colors are more correct on this one than the top pic. 


I didn't know what to call him.  He's really a man with a tail on (for the picture).  

This is going to be framed in a shadow box style.  Can you see his feet? The tail comes off!

Look at the name of this painting! 
First dates can really be terrible.  I had one bad one…haha.  This guy looks like he's willing to do what it takes to make his Fish Lady happy!

Love the sign. 
There are more paintings, but they will remain a surprise at the show!  I hope that you can try to come to it.  Google the show.  It has an amazing variety of art for sale.  This show benefits the Bedminster land Conservatory.  The show itself is in Doylestown.  It's next weekend Sept. 20-21, 2014!


Anchors - Bedminster Artshow, Bedminster, PA Sept. 20-21, 2014

Anchors Aweigh! 

Love this Anchor
Anchors are really in style right now.  This is a good thing because I plan to keep them if they don't sell.  That's right.  I love them.

I painted 4 of these to all hang together and they will be part of my Spicher and Co., High Point, NC show coming up as well as my Bedminster art show that is this next weekend (See previous posts).  I have the originals framed in these amazing antique frames.

I wish that you could see the backgrounds on these.  I worked FOREVER ON THEM.  This is a mostly true statement.  I really took my time with them.  I love the old gold frames.  I know they aren't simple, but the frames needed something fancy and shiny.  :)  Love them! 

This frame reminds me of rope. 

This frame reminds me of a port hole. 



I HAD A BUNCH OF ADIRONDACK STYLE FRAMES.  This seemed like a good solution for these frames.  I don't even have this style house and want to keep them.  You know if I blog about them again that I got my wish… (I wish that I would sell them).
Gold liner is in perfect condition 

This is not a Criss-Cross frame but looks very adirondack! 


Not to sound like a broken record, but these will be at my show next weekend, too! 


Nautical Artwork for Doylestown, PA showing September 20 and 21, 2014

Sea Captains, Whales, and Ships 

Closeup of one of my FAVORITE pieces

I have a friend that had visited Williamsburg recently.  I was inspired by one of her pictures to do this painting.  At first it was all about Williamsburg, but then it sort of morphed into something different~ship Captains!  Can't help it, I just end up on the water every time! 

I had to add the ships and the little telescopes that a typical Sea Captain might carry.  This painting is very much like my earlier work.  When I first got started,  It was all about EARLY and less about whimsy.  I started out doing Frakur, pen and Ink-type drawings, and that was 22 years ago, plus.  I still love this style even after all of these years.  

The frame is veneer and wonderfully simple and in VG condition! 


I am in love with drapes.  I paint them INTO  many of my pictures.  You all know this if you follow my work even a little bit.  

Here is a rework of a painting that I did last year and kept.  I was staring at it one day and decided that it must be reframed and a drape added.  Really, I changed it so much, that the feel of it is totally different than its original state.  HAHA.  I am allowed to do that! (as much as I want). 

Hope really does anchor us.  It gives us a reason to push forward! 
Again, you cannot see this, but the whole bottom section has all these tiny little cracks.  You can see it a little above the cursive words as on.  I ALSO LOVE THE WATER AND THE COLOR OF THE WATER. 

More Drapes

I loved this frame with the stripes going all along the outer edges.  It reminds me of an old sailor.  It looks like something that he would have done on his ship while waiting for the whales to swim past.  That's what they did…wait.  Think about how often you see and whale.  Even when you go on a whale watch, you are fortunate if you see them.

I love whales.  Maybe it's because I fell in love with Nantucket. 

Check out the floating anchor.  
I have a whole section of this show that is devoted to ANCHORS!  I LOVE THEM, like I love sailors and mermaids.  You cannot see the title of this painting, but it is called  ANCHOR AWAY!  It's a play on words indicating that this whale is not happy where he is anchored.  "Anchor, AWAY!" As if it would go somewhere...

Lastly, here is a shot of the three above all stacked one on top of the other! 

See how wonderfully simple the frames are!?? 
THE FRAMES ALL work so well together.  It took some time to pull this off but now that I have done it this once, I am going to continue to try to frame them all similarly.  My anchors are next to blog about.  They are not simple frames but they look so unique.   I can't wait to blog about them.  

Enjoy, and I hope to see you at my show! Introduce yourself, if you make it! 


Landscape for Doylestown Artshow September 20-21, 2014 for the Bedminster Conservatory

Simple Landscape

By the Moonlight  

Closeup of Gate; the color photographed more grey than it actually is in real time. 
As I get older, my tastes change.  I find myself wanting a more simple look.  Next week~Ha! I will probably be right back to my old busy look, but for right now, today, I am liking this simple scene.

This is the first of many paintings that I will be posting for my BEDMINSTER Show next weekend in Doylestown, PA.  As I have prepared for this show, I have taken special attention to the framing.  Not only have I taken my time selecting each frame (and making certain they were simple and beautiful), but I have also taken my time with the paintings.  It's been a whole year since I have exhibited at any retail show.  Many of you know why, let's just say that I don't want to push myself too hard.  And it's working, I feel great. 

I am into moons right now, I don't know why.  I just like them.  
This frame is beautiful and comes with amazing antique glass.  The condition is really very good.   

Many of you have seen this pig, but have not maybe seen it framed.  I can't remember exactly what I posted.  The little corner pieces on this frame are amazing and the frame is very old and wonderful looking.  I love the little man in the right corner. 


This is a familiar piece if you read my blog.  I have been saving this painting for my show.  Please look at the closeup below because this picture really doesn't do this painting much justice.  I love the warm undertones of this piece which are lost in the photo.

Love the polka dots! 

I also love this pig.  It is one of my favorite paintings! 

Retrieved Wall Paper Paintings

A while back I blogged about a look that I like to call my retrieved wall paper style. This simply  means that it looks like it was pulled from an old wall when you look closely at the finish.   It's a fun thing to do and requires a lot of patience as I work at creating all the wonderful little crackles on the paper.  Takes time, that's for sure! Again, this is lost in the photo… But this also will be at my show.

I really like this one (above) because I love the little ship in the painting.  I am infatuated with nautical~always have been…always will be! 

Try as I might, I can't catch the crackles~trust me, they are there!

Primitive Style Landscape 

This also is one that I had blogged about earlier in the year.  I decided to tear it apart and reframe it with a more current look.  I really like this simple frame on this piece.

There goes that moon again
I don't know why, but I decided to call this painting the WINTER SOLSTICE.  In case you are not certain, the solstice marks the onset of Winter and is the shortest day.  December 22 is that day!!

Love the red sled. 

These paintings represent the landscapes that will be presented next weekend at the Doylestown, PA artshow.  We call it the Bedminster show because that was where it started, Bedminster, PA.

If you want tickets, drop me a note.  
I still have some free tickets that I can mail out to anyone that is interested.  Please watch for additional posts.  I have nautical pieces that I have painted, as well as others.  I will be posting them for your info.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Decorating An Outdoor Shower Area

Outdoor Shower Area 
Near the Chesapeake Bay 


Back in August, I helped decorate an outdoor shower area that is frequently used by the public.  I have been waiting on pictures to show you.   This bathroom was old and tired looking from years of use and little time.  People get busy and I get it.

Because there was not a budget for original artwork,  we updated the area with our print line available thru  We sell to the trade but if you see something that you like, email me, I will do my best to set you up with a distributor.

 I chose umbrellas because this little place is virtually on the water.  Because it was a 'shower' area, I thought the umbrella prints would look clever and neat.  The sky in the background was my way to make them stand out and not look like everybody else's umbrella pictures.

Because the location is near the city of Annapolis, we thought the big A would look neat.  This area is painted an industrial looking grey (trim) and the walls a lighter grey/green version. This bathing area is very small even if the prints make it look bigger.  It consists of a shower room, a bathroom, and a hallway, and THAT'S IT!   We didn't have a big budget, either. 

I love the whale piece, which is actually 3 prints put together! 

On 8-14-2014 I posted about sailboat prints, which were actually duplicates that were accidentally made for this small job.  The duplicates are for sale on my Etsy store, KOLENESPICHER. This is my little store that I use to sell the duplicates that I use for photo shoots and and the originals that I am ready to part with.

I hung the sailboats in the lavatory area.  

 I apologize for the quality of these pictures, but the bathroom is sort of dark, too, although it is clean.   The location is incredible.

 One of the things that really pleased me about this job the most was the fact that one of our Vintage Vinyl* floorcloths fit the hallway perfectly.

Thanks for looking today! 

*Vintage Vinyl is a trademarked name for the vinyl rugs sold thru Spicher and Co.