Saturday, February 27, 2016

Whaling Scene by Kolene Spicher

The Composition 
I like action.  This painting will be done in the same technique as all of my other work in the sense that it will have the same flair and movement with similar "Kolene" colors.  I like to do this so that my collectors can hang them with their other earlier pieces. 


This just looks like a craftsperson's work, tramp art like.  I would say 1880.   I think the girl on the far right made it.  Just kidding! 
In some of my previous posts, I have talked about the type of person who would have chosen 'Whaling' as a profession.  They frequently attracted skilled people--educated people good with their hands.  This is because the pay was good.  Even young people participated and there was a job for nearly everyone.  I liked this frame because it looks like something that someone might have 'widdled' away at while sailing at sea. 

Closeup.  This is Walnut, I think.  The color looks like cherry, though.  Hmmm.

It has a nice thickness.  The little crack is stable and not going anywhere. 
I really love the frame and because there are warm cherry tones in it, I am going to use a color palette similar to this (below).  The glass is wavy and the image size is about 6 X 9.  I am thinking that this will be tucked away for my show in September 2016.  Google it, it is called the Bedminster Show and is located in Doylestown, PA  at the Delaware Valley College.  At this point, I am only doing one or two retail venues, the rest is strictly limited to the trade and located in Atlanta and High Point, NC.  

I will add more clear turquoise to this, too, it will not be murky  ...  and of course there will be some words.  I may do my 3-D thing with it, as well!  Playing it by ear!  It will be fun.  

Enjoy and check back often.  I am getting ready to start a 3-D mermaid.  I have actually already prepared the surface for this and am ready to go… 


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