Thursday, February 25, 2016

Painting for Spicher and Company and the upcoming High Point, NC furniture market, Entry 2

The Bathing Beauties 
Carrying a shell 
So these are my newest creations.  They are sort of a take off of the vices in a way.  My goal is to have 12 of these.  Currently, I am at number 7.  My idea is that I would have 6 ladies and 6 mendies, just kidding.  Men.  Six men.  

I like the idea of drinking something tropical while being in the water 
It's always fun to imagine what you might get to do when you go to one of those tropical places.  Really, anything you would like to do is available for money.  You can snorkel, rent a boat, look for shells, drink a beer or a soda, have a margarita! Whatever.  If you are lucky enough to live along the ocean, you may want to stop at our show room in High Point and check out these new bathing beauties.

This is why I need someone other than myself looking and critiquing things. 
What's wrong with this picture?  I didn't mean to, but she has the wrong finger up.  OH NO.  Here is the new revised version.  (Thank you Tommy for noticing).

Here are a bunch of them… 
I LOVE THE man.  
Wait, there's more.  

My aim is to have a match for each person.  Then you can mix and match them!  

This really is a fun project for me
I love to paint water and I love to pain sky. 
He's carrying a drink…For today's brewers and soda-ers. its all about the cool packaging.  In this instance, I am not saying what it is in the can, it could be soda…or…beer.  It's whatever.  I love to drink whatever.

I am going to post some more bathing beauties, hopefully, tomorrow!  Thanks for looking. 


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