Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kolene Spicher Primitive Nautical Ship Print

Large Scale Print of Primitive Ship 

Perfect for bedroom or kitchen decor! 

Staging a kitchen using prints, antique trophies, and original artwork. 

Although this photographed a bit vague, you can see the effect that is created by choosing like prints and ganging them together.

Simply stated bedroom, same print.  I like this too. ALOT. 
I don't always paint as naively as this, but sometimes I just love that folky non-academic look.  

Quick brush strokes that were not deliberated over too much, but carefully placed is how
I achieved this look. 

This poor guy barely got a face. 
I love the soft tones and pallet of this painting.  Plus, I love how the ship fills the picture.  It really looks nice over the bed above and completely different in the kitchen setting.

Setting objects in front of artwork, doesn't detract.  What it does is cause your eye to travel over the room and not get locked into just one spot.  Staging rooms are often what sells homes. 

All these paintings are mine except the antique lobster!  That came from Paris! 

This group of paintings really blend well together.  I probably wouldn't, in a real life setting, place this print over the pretty original painting in the back right.  But for the sake of today's blog, I needed to!  


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