Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Kolene Spicher hand painted portrait of a distinguished gentleman

Table Top Portrait

A Distinguished Looking Gentleman Silhouette 

19th Century Style 

I am excited to say that my new REAL gold-leafed frames have arrived.  I am as excited to blog about these frames as I am about the artwork, itself.  
These beautiful Table Top frames are handmade in Florence, Italy.  This company has 
been specializing in gold-leafed frames since 1901 AND IT SHOWS

This portrait is so sweet with his little hairs that you can see upon closer view.  Of course, this is a painting and not a print, so the details are very light.  They need to be because it is very small.  The frame measures in about 3" Round.  The opening is 2 inches.  

Love his purple-y jacket

In this particular picture (above), I have the frame sitting in direct sunlight.  You can see the hairline easier and the watermarks.  

The back of the frame is nicely finished.  The ruler and the paint brushes give you an idea of the scale. 

I am going to be listing this on my ETSY store.  Remember it is a MINIATURE! The store name is KOLENESPICHER. 

Thanks for looking! 


Mugwump Woolies said...

Hello Kolene...I'd love to see a little girl in red in one of these wonderful frames. I might have to add that little girl to my collection!

Kolene Spicher said...

I will do it. It's funny you should say that because I was thinking, too, I should do that. I LOVE your taste. Your Pinterest pages are really beautiful. I'm honored you like my work.