Friday, February 27, 2015

Girl with Mask

The Removable Mask 
A Primitive Silhouette

**Update ~ Look at March 1, 2015 for a change to this painting

Last Week I painted a watercolor of a little girl.  I put it on Etsy.  I kept looking at it and got an excellent idea.  I am in love with silhouettes, so I decided to paint one and put it over her face.  It's okay, she didn't care. 

I attached these prongs to the back of the silhouette that are inserted into little slits that were made with an Exacto Knife at the top of her dress where the frills are located.  

Her head is slightly oversized, which is folky and primitive and just fine with me.  I had to give her a big head to cover the portrait beneath. 

One of my favorite things about being an artist is that I can change anything up.  I can paint the  moon black and the sky light.  When you create, you take something that is nothing and make it into something.  Or something like that. 

I think she's sweet both ways and I have only ever done this one time before in 25 years.  I was having my house photographed a few years ago, some of you may remember, for Country Living.  I had a wall of silhouettes and needed just one more… So, I tore a painting apart of a man and turned it into a silhouette. 
This is what you see if you pull her mask off! 

Here's a sweet little grouping that shows the piece more in full.  Remember, this is a ONE of a KIND original.

This is for sale on Etsy! Please check my store out.  It is named KOLENESPICHER.  


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