Saturday, October 11, 2014

Snow Scene

Wishing you a Snowy Christmas! 


A small portion of my latest snow scene RIGHT SIDE 

I am guessing if you have opened this page, you like folk art.  I happen to love it, too, along with a lot of other styles. The other day I got it into my mind that I wanted to try to make A NEW  greeting card for Christmas.  I wasn't using my head though, on this one, because the format was all wrong for a Christmas Card.  I am going to sell this on my ETSY store KOLENESPICHER.  Please look it up!

A small section of the LEFT side of this painting 

As I was saying, the FRAME is sort of an odd size.  It would be perfect for a whale.  I happened to fall in love with it, however, because someone a long time ago hand-grained it.    I sold myself on it thinking that I could make it work--Wrong!  It  doesn't work for a greeting card.

I love the happiness of the faces and how they are looking at each other from across the painting.

I am afraid that my Apple Iphone camera is starting to fade away.  The pictures are not good quality.  This is a little blurry which is why I included the top two pictures first.

The size on this is 15 3/4" x 7 3/4" (almost 8" really)
The style of this really just goes with the whole primitive thing.  My house is a combination of high style, antique, primitive, and Restoration Hardware.  Don't knock it, it really looks sort of cool--even after all these years.  It reflects the various stages of collecting that I have undergone in the 27 years that I have been married.  

Here's a great shot of the frame, as I said, this was hand-grained very long ago.  I would put this at nearly 100 years old (the frame).  It might be 1920s.  Its really a guess.

Currently, I have it hanging beside my VERY FIRST SNOW SCENE.  This was a series that you can still buy through Spicher and Co.

This was all 13! I STILL  have the original of ONE FOR ME AND ONE FOR SISTER
That is the snow scene in the photo above that is pictured
with the grained piece from long ago. 

And that's how it goes!! 


Kolene Spicher 

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