Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pinnacle Award - ASFD - goes to Spicher and Co. for Vintage Vinyl!

Spicher and Co. receives the prestigious Pinnacle Award for  Vintage Vinyl! 

Here is my wonderful husband receiving this award.  He accepted it on behalf of Spicher and Co.  The girls that work for my husband tirelessly printing and managing what you see below have finally been recognized for their INCREDIBLY CREATIVE efforts.  They along with Mark are who have created this beautiful flooring that I think makes my artwork look so much nicer! They are the best! 

The multicolored layers of flooring pictured here is what we call VINTAGE VINYL 

Here are some shots of the flooring but the resolution is not that great,  and I am sorry ! ! 

I have include the next picture because the resolution is so much better.  Please look at the floor, though!

Check out the drama of this VINTAGE Vinyl! 

Check out Spicher and Co. on Facebook!  Contact them if you are interested in this Vintage Vinyl! It's waterproof making it great for a kitchen or an eating area or an enclosed porch!  Cleans up wonderfully easy! 


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