Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mermaid on a Barrel of Rum

New Frame for this piece! 
A painting for a self-standing frame!

This was one of the few frames that were made with a molding that happened to be too expensive to reproduce.  So in a sense, it was a prototype.  

It is literally 4 1/4" deep 

The below photos below are not the best quality but  they do demonstrate what I mean by 'self-standing' and stands out against the white kitchen countertop.  Look at the picture directly below.  You can see how deep this frame is.  The surface is not shiny but rather a mat shine.

Disregard the line thru the barrel, this is not 'there' in real life! 

I often include a sailor and this painting is no exception!  

That's the mermaid's hair on the left, not mine! 

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