Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cape Cod - Cottage Style home

A Summer Home on Cape Cod

I really love that I have this person in my life that has expressed such an interest and enthusiasm in my artwork.  Not only does she forward all kinds of room settings that she finds that has my artwork
on the walls, but she also has taken the time to share with me (and YOU) her 
personal home on the cape. I love everything about this home from the 
proportions of the windows and the flag that proudly hangs at the door, to her gardener who
meticulously takes care of the outside! 

Look at the sweet pillow with the bouquet embroidery! 
The whale that hangs over the bed was one of my paintings, actually it is a print.  You can buy this through Spicher and Co.   We will gladly put you in touch with a vendor in your neighborhood.  If there is no one nearby that carries my artwork, then we will find another way!

One thing that I like to talk about when it comes to decorating with artwork is that you need to feel free to put things together that you love.  If you love blue or red and checkered patterns, then do it.  Hang a painting that compliments the blue and stick to a subject matter that you love when it comes to the artwork.  Artwork is suppose to make you feel good and pull you into a world that you otherwise may not be privy to.  

The common thread in this above picture is the blue.  But look at it closely.  The blue is subtly worked into every aspect down to the tiny blue flowers that are on the coverlet and the bedskirts.  The checks are JUST OVER THE TOP.  I wouldn't have thought to put this together and I am so impressed.  The geometric pattern pulls (automatically) with the Canton bedside light.  The blue color just ties the knot! Even the rich tones of the bed naturally compliment the blue and the scroll work reminds me of the water--hence the whaling scene.  LOVE THIS ROOM!
Of course everything about this picture can be just a big DITTO from what was said above.  The antique beds and the soft yellow wall are very cottage-like.  She has really thought of everything.  From the top of the bed with the nautical ship prints to the bench at the foot of the bed~I love it all!   The quilts are the anchor in this picture and nicely tie in with the floorcloth between the beds.  Can you see how this works?  Both in color and geometric shapes, pulling this room together with the things that you love can be done by adding a few simple likenesses.  

For instance, she added some more of that same blue.   Even the lampshade with its floral pattern help to pull together the upstairs and tie one bedroom with the next.  One thing that I didn't say about each of these pictures is how much I love the black hardware on the doors.  The white trim and wainscoting is perfect for this New England home.

Her gardener again at work!! 
I would love to have a home on the Cape but to coin a phrase of one of my dear friends, "I should have been born rich instead of beautiful." LOL.  

Last year I painted a New England house for the gallery I sell to on Nantucket.  This house has the quaintness that I love to illustrate.  I loved this painting and frame and thought that it would be a neat tie-in to this entry.  The criss-cross frame would look really lovely with either bedroom.   

The bedding really adds a lot to each room.  I hate to say it but you need it all.  You have to have the bedding and the artwork and the neat beds and for heaven's sake, get the wall color correct! LOL.  Each thing by itself is not as special as when it is all put together.  You just have to know where to buy the stuff.  

Nantucket Country is a good source for antique quilts (and my artwork)--just saying. Google it! 

I blogged about this painting last year, too. 
Kolene Spicher 

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