Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Put your hands to work and your heart to God - A Landscape painting 19th Century Style!

Working hands

Put your hands to Work!
And that is what I am trying to do daily!  Every day (almost) I work in my studio.  Every day,  I work on keeping my heart centered on God.  I really helps me do a better job. 
This has reproduced a tad bright

This Landscape is positioned over a KING-sized bed
  When I paint something (such as a landscape), I want it to mean something more than just a pretty painting.  I think in this life, we can work really hard and can achieve great success, but we also must remember our hearts.  We want to achieve success, yes, but with a heart that is toward God.  If we are a wonderful painter, doctor, decorator, nurse, etc., but we lack kindness, virtue, and love, we really fall short of the goal.  But the balance hold true, too, we can be super nice but lazy as all get out!  This accomplishes little.   

This is a closeup.  The color is little dark. 
I have this title written on the painting on the lower right side. "Put your hands to work and your heart to God"  As a matter of fact, I believe that this was inspired by one of Benjamin Franklin's many maxims.  His maxims are just great and full of wisdom.  I also like this one, "Work as if you were to live 100 years, Pray as if you were to die tomorrow."  

The actual color of this painting (which is actually a print and is for sale), is somewhere between bright green and the muted dark tones of the above illustration. 

Simple black frame
If you are interested in this print, it is one of the few that is here in my studio.  I can ship it to you but you will need to fill out the section on the upper right, and we can talk.  It looks like new, too.  I can get the dimensions if you like, just let me know :) 

Thanks for looking today! 


This is a fabulous shot in a beautiful home! 

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Anonymous said...

Actually both of the mottos you mention above were actually mottos of the religious group Shakers they were both the "words of Mother Ann" founded in the 1800's mostly died out now because of their belief of celibacy.